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Abs After Baby : The Right Way

Today is the day friends!

I have received so many questions over the last few months from fellow mommies about what workout they can do for their abdominals after baby and because of that I thought it only made sense to put together a little mini-series that really focuses on CORRECT abdominal excercises to help tighten and tone that belly while protecting your core muscles from permanent damage. 806 more words


There are no shortcuts

Listen up guys and gals! If you are injured or have a disability…there is something that you can do! Find your nitch. If you have bad ankles like myself find a way to elevate yourself without putting pressure on certain areas. 31 more words

Day 317: Week 3 Fitness Challenge Progress

Week 3:

  1. Weight:  60.45 kg (+1 kg)
  2. Waist: 26 in
  3. Belly: 29.5 in (-0.2 in)
  4. Hips: 38.5 in (+0.5 in)

Okay, I’m not the happiest camper. 200 more words

Muscles After Baby: Wednesday Workout and Form Tips

Hello friends!

Here is Wednesday’s workout below. I am so sore! I haven’t done this much concentrated strength training in awhile. It’s a good hurting though and I’m excited to watch my body transform. 54 more words


Muscles After Baby: Tuesday Workout

Tuesday Workout 5 min Cardio warm up followed by this workout below: Here’s what it looks like:

I finished this workout off with:

Tricep pushups:10 reps… 77 more words


Facts vs. Fiction: 5 Myths of Weight Training Decoded

Everyone has a different idea towards fitness. But most of us agree with one thing – for a well rounded fitness regimen, you need to strike a balance between cardio workouts and weight training exercises. 1,332 more words


How Long Should It Take to See Results?

There is no simple answer out there for this question.  The question of how long it should take before someone begins to see the results of their training?   620 more words