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Overlooked movements: Standing overhead press

Few people know the standing overhead press was actually included in Olympic lifting right up until as recently as 1972!

It’s as primal and basic as it gets, pick a weighted object up and press it overhead. 863 more words

ALS Straight, No Ice

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known by its initials ALS, is a neurodegenerative disease.  There is a known hereditary factor in familial ALS, where the condition is known to run in families.  195 more words


Workout 8/20/14 weight 214

Rowing: 1×30, 1×15

Bench Press: 1×30

Leg Press: 1×35, 1×15

Plank: 1×2 minutes

Up-right Row: 1×20, 1×15

Back Extension: 1×25

Triceps Bench Dips: 1×25

Cable Curl: 1×15… 8 more words

Weight Training

Ross Dickerson

WBFF PRO, model & personal trainer. Shredded well balanced physique.

I have developed my own type of training by trying out a lot of different methods, learning how my body responds to different techniques and figuring out what works best for me. 405 more words


Kevin Perod

Kevin has great size and his genetics makes him a formidable physique competitor. Great looking aesthetic muscle body from Dallas, Texas.

Kevin’s WEB links:



1,5 K. ripe tomatoes, peeled and coarsely chopped

1 slices of white bread

3 slices cucumbers, peeled and coarsely chopped

half clove of garlic

half green pepper… 115 more words


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