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What Is The Role Of Dairy In Maintaining Adult Bone And Skeletal Muscle Health?

Researchers have examined interactions between four nutrients found in dairy products and their role in preserving bone and skeletal muscle.

Understanding that diets are often built around food groups rather than specific nutrients, researchers from Switzerland, France, and North America… 16 more words


Knowing your 1RM's (one rep maxes) is worth much more than bragging rights!

“How much can you bench bro?”

This question flies around all over the place and in most gyms you’ll be sure to hear it. Even if you mention you’re into training – weight training specifically, you’ll  588 more words

Builda Booty Workout!

This is my personal progress photo from doing the Builda Booty Workout! Now, I’m not going to false advertise… These photos were taken 3 months apart. 11 more words

The Immune System

Inside your body there is a complex mechanism called your immune system, it works by protecting you against thousands of bacteria, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade your body. 260 more words

Hawaiian Weight Loss

Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0 MI40X

I’d like to talk about Ben Pakulksi’s program for size and strength called MI40X (Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0).  This new bodybuilding system came out in June of 2014 and hit has been a real hit among guys who want to build muscle.   581 more words

Ben Pakulski

How to Go Paleo

We show you how to transition into reaping the benefits of a paleo diet without sacrificing all your precious carbs.

Hey, Muscle & Fitness:
 I want to follow a pseudo paleo diet.

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Body Fat

3 Unusual Ways to Build Bigger Biceps | 8 - 10 Weeks Programme Inside:

Don’t be ashamed to admit you want bigger arms. It’s okay. Just about everybody wants huge biceps. Although beach-ready bi’s and tri’s aren’t the most important attributes for most athletes—unless you’re a professional arm wrestler, … 477 more words