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Body Language

“It’s easier to say that the heart is just a muscle.”

Here's What

The Man That I Need

Okay so here is my little confession…

Why can’t the men in stories be real? I’m not talking about the prince, no. I want the big bad man who knows how to use his staff. 222 more words


When You Run but You’re Not Losing Weight

Are you a runner who’s hit a wall on weight loss? Sometimes relying merely on running will do that. Other types of cardio have to be mixed in for maximum weight loss results. 320 more words

Urban walk aka farmer's walk for the non-farmer

If you don’t know what a farmer’s walk is or why it’s good for you, I recommend that you read about it on t-nation.com. For the TL;DR people out here, doing a farmer’s walk is the art of walking while carrying something heavy in both hands for a certain distance, the kind of thing a typical farmer do everyday (and how often do you see an out of shape farmer?). 197 more words


Workout Supplements That Actually Work

Walk around a health food store, and you will see a plethora of workout supplements that claim to do the impossible, or at least to help you to up your workout results. 843 more words

Natural Supplements

Pesky peroneals

Muscle of the Month: Peroneals (Longus, Brevis and Tertius)

Your peroneals are the three muscles that sit on the outer side of your lower leg. They are also known as fibular muscles, as they run along your fibula, the outer bone in the lower leg. 451 more words


Too strong for labor?

I remember one moment very clearly in our birth course at the hospital: the nurse had just explained the process of birth. The contractions, how the baby descends, all that good stuff. 1,018 more words