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How to deal with excessive appetite for sweets ?

More and more women , to celebrate the arrival of spring and the upcoming ‘ve gotten bigger strides years , decide to start a diet . 778 more words

TV Rewind: Summerbash Artist Jason Derulo

Just a sneak peek of what he will be like at #Summerbash this year!  Notice the unbelievably big muscles!!

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Muscles and Mascara

Lina and I just ordered the same sweater online on https://www.etsy.com/. Lina and I are gonna match in pink :)


Teaching Yoga to Runners

Special thanks to this wonderful site: www.aurawellnesscenter.com

By Faye Martins

Runners can gain many benefits by making yoga training a part of their fitness routine. Yoga training complements a running routine by providing deep stretches to the muscles that are commonly tight or overworked due to running. 367 more words

Block Ages

There are many things that could be
And countless more
Invisible to me

My eyes don’t see well
In the dark
And my blood flows slowly… 21 more words


Masters of the Universe

Phew.  Humans are hard.  Slowly, slowly.  Practice, practice.

3d Modelling

3 Tips To Get You Fit In Time For Your Skiing Holiday

If you have been skiing previously then you will know and be prepared for the fact that skiing can very tough on your leg muscles. 436 more words