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Cycling and safety related

Spring is a time in which much more likely to spend time outdoors. For this purpose , ideal bike. Many people treat it as a means of rapid transport , but not many are aware of the fact that there are many good aspects of cycling. 725 more words

Rest Days

I’m not sure how I feel about rest days. I know for muscle growth you need them, but generally you can have a rest day that isn’t… 768 more words

Gettin Skinneeeeee

Safely in the gym

Nowadays more and more people of all ages, it begins to take care of their health. More and more is being said also about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how much it affects the behavior of a good figure and well-being for both mental and physical. 788 more words

The origins of the gym

Nowadays, more and more people would like to start taking care of your health. It is a very good sign, because until recently, very few people cared about her figure. 878 more words

6 stages of weight loss

Spring is the time where not only the ladies are starting to struggle with unnecessary pounds . Increasingly, the guys are starting to spend a bit more attention to your body . 809 more words

So I done did a comic!

Every so often you have one of those conversations, a moment in which you realise holy shit you are a genius and this should be written down and remembered forever. 78 more words


Products which do not need to give up on a diet

The diet is associated with most of us with the murderous sacrifices . Meanwhile , many diets often requires resignations of products which do not have to sacrifice . 769 more words