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WWE and my daughter

My daughter comes home from her day as a student in a special needs high school program and exclaims, “Devon likes Rey Mysterio much more than any other WWE superstar! 162 more words

Our Fam

The Puppy Chronicles Day 4

She has been pretty good all day….very very suspicious.

The dog was the size of my forearm one month ago…she’s like the size of my torso now…I’m going to get kicked out of my apartment.   34 more words



I have this image of you stuck in my head.

You’re in my shower, standing directly underneath the shower head. The rainfall setting is on and I watch as each raindrop slowly glides across the goosebumps of your skin, ridding them instantly. 423 more words


Arm anatomy. 101

So I got myself a book about human anatomy. This is a quick copy of an illustration. Now I’m going to run for the train as usual.


Muscles of the Face: Temporalis and Masseter

I have decided to do a number of posts focusing on different muscles and how they work.  Today I am looking at two: the temporalis… 272 more words


What Do YOU Consider Sexy?

I’m thinking this is National Week of Epiphanies.

In a vain attempt to catch up with 18 pages of blogs, I came across this one yesterday from Tina at A Marathon and A Sprint… 868 more words