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Sport's Rub For Sore Muscles/Microwave Cleaning

Sport’s Rub;

Cold  cream

Cinnamon Powder

Cayenne Pepper

15 drops Camhor oil

5 drops of Winter green oil

Combine all the ingredients in a dark colored jar and rub on your sore muscle . 231 more words


It would be wrong of me to let this season float by without blogging about my steamy summer fling.

That’s right, guys, I’ve been having an affair.   348 more words


I guess yoga isn't all that bad.

Like most people, I like to go out with friends and have a good time.  Maybe we’ll have some beers and talk about the going on in our lives. 503 more words

Lost for words? Think Neymar, naked

Dear Metrosexual, im afraid to say your worst nightmare has come true: you are now so last decade. The term was coined 20 years ago by British journalist Mark Simpson when he smooshed “metropolitan” and “heterosexual” together to describe the growing population of young men who took their grooming as seriously as women and aimed to be on the cutting edge of trends, fashion and designer facial hair. 507 more words

Back Exercises You Can Do at Home

Come on, you know where the back machines are in your gym right? Well if you don’t, it’s the group of machines that rarely have anyone on them. 461 more words


Make Muscles Grow Faster

One of the biggest things that we look for when working out is results. When it comes to lifting weights and working your muscles, one of the two major signs that you are succeeding is the size of your muscles. 263 more words


Random Projects

Sometimes the quick turnaround projects are the best. i think it has something to do with not over thinking yourself and going on instinct. The past four weeks were filled with just those kind of assignments. 101 more words