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Lake Balboa / the duckaversary

Lived in LA for six years before discovering this little gem, Lake Balboa. It’s exactly how I like my lakes: Full of ducks! We had our five year anniversary there—which we decided is the year of the duck, or duckaversary. 10 more words


Daily Drama 29

Winter at The Funny Farm can be pretty grim. Water dishes have to be unfrozen daily, and the huge ice cubes that were yesterday’s water have to be stashed out of the way so they don’t become tomorrow’s hazard. 674 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm

Post 356: Steak Week

Mostly Concerning Food

Grooving on Maillard Reactions 

So how do you cook the perfect steak? I’ve cooked a few in my time (steaks that is…not necessarily perfect ones!) but thought I’d go back to school this week and see what advice top cooks have to give. 1,946 more words

Wildlife Up Close: Muscovy Duck

Looking like a cross between a goose and a turkey is the domesticated version of a Muscovy duck. This drake was one of at least four such ducks spotted in an enclosure which may or may not be their own! 19 more words


Mostly Duck Faces

I slept in until about 8:00 am, and then went over to the WPA Rock Garden and the duck ponds for a walk with the dog.  100 more words