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Soul free

Lay bare the soul
To the waking sun,
Greet the day
With a smile,
Open your arms
To what will be
Embrace the peace
Of now.
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Let's get ready for fantasy

Lisa* texted me, “It’s getting colder and the mice are invading the cabin.”

That’s all it took to motivate me. I told her to dress for the outdoors. 796 more words


Lives, Loves, Lows, Lines

Lives, Loves, Lows,  Lines.

Love these beats inside my head
Keeping my thoughts from falling dead
At risk of repeating myself
At risk of repeating myself… 243 more words


May I Have This Dance

Photo contribution from Vladimir Melnikov

May I Have This Dance?

Ever wondered what happened to those people that you knew
The brothers, sisters, cousins
fathers and mothers too… 277 more words

Fire On The Rails

Fire On The Rails.

Ba do doom ba do doom
Ba do doom ba do doom
You get that feeling in your bones… 248 more words


Movement Underground

Movement Underground. 

What it takes to come up with something
My mind is going crazy
My body far from lazy
I can taste it
Sometimes I just hate it… 236 more words


Express Bus muse

Keep holding to the thoughts inside
I gotta let em out while I take this ride
We’re trying to do something unheard of
Breaking molds with words untold… 287 more words