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dylan in my soul–

may your heart be made of stone,

in these changing times.


Another Friday where I am not in charge

The wind is howling in Idaho today. My wife’s Christmas flag outside lost another jingle bell.

The old pit bull has another ear infection, so I took him to the vet. 463 more words


Meanwhile, out at the writing cabin

I grabbed up my critiques from Thursday and headed for the cabin. The basement corral was full of mountain cows. Tiny little creatures about three feet tall and covered with long hair mooed at me as I tromped upstairs. 500 more words


A Drunken Alan Watts Has My Vote

When I was a small kid I wanted to be Perry Mason. No, not because he was fat and could fall on and crush villains, or had a future as a crippled bastard, but due to the use of words. 976 more words



A small section of my environmental/music inspired pieces. To create the galaxies I used a cut up sponge with acrylic paint, then to refine any major stars I drew them with a white pen.


Saturday: Why I want to be Maggi Hambling

She paints with sensation



And infamous for falling in love


Writespiration #9

Who did they murder? Was the murderer male or female or something else? Was it justified? Was it evil and cruel? how did they commit murder? 44 more words