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Wild Wild Life

There is something more than a little fascinating about animals – birds, frogs, hell, even cats and dogs. We live amongst aliens and if you can watch them and interact with them and see no markers of any kind of intelligence then I have to wonder at you. 402 more words

Muse Hick

Bridget Bardo

49 Days to get things straight – a bespoke personal heaven oir hell. Christ, who the fuck wanted to meet an angel with an imagination? She wanted someone who just did what they were expected to and nothing more; not someone who thought they had hold of Jimmy Stewart with illusions that this was in any way going to come out smelling of roses, unless like Andre 3000 you believed that roses really smelt like poo-poo. 422 more words

Muse Hick


I sometimes think reading Stephen King writing about writing is almost as inspiring and exhilarating as reading his fiction; he has such an enthusiastic and infectious way of talking about it that is informative yet not didactic that you have so much fun you hardly know you are learning, and that is something I definitely aspire towards. 248 more words

Paul Grimsley

2. Cherry

Cherry is a party girl, but today she is feeling decidedly Edie, and that’s no good, because her friend is being defiantly Andy, when she needs him to be a little more Candy. 428 more words



A light bulb floating above his shiny dome – one that has nothing to do with Edison. He believes himself to be eclectic – that is why he plumps for the underdogs like Tesla. 419 more words

Muse Hick

Walk This Way

Today I walked quite a lot, and it felt good. For the amount of time that I spend sedentary, sparing a couple of hours to walk around and get some exercise feels very worthwhile and very freeing, and at the end of it I can look at my step counter and know how well I did in a measurable quantitative rather than a qualitative sense. 438 more words

Muse Hick


I am like a crack addict in a library. I buy books every week – I kid you not, at least a few a week. I am behind on my reading but that doesn’t stop me. 342 more words

Paul Grimsley