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It’s funny, I am keeping daily with my “regular movement” blog (not the fiction one) but the one which I suppose is closer to “morning computer” than the other one, and I am enjoying it. 152 more words

Paul Grimsley

Listening Closely

He was listening to a band that he had listened to many times before, and he was thinking on the relationship he had to them. He was thinking on the relationship they must have to their music. 404 more words


The Place

He sits in the corner of the room. Doesn’t say much, but sees everything. He has been coming here and drinking coffee for years. He is known but not exactly popular … but people know he means and causes no harm. 209 more words

Muse Hick

Not Bad For A Monday

Not bad for a Monday. I mean I don’t usually buy into that bullshit that days have characters anyway, or that the positional aspect of where it falls in the week makes it better or worse. 309 more words

Muse Hick

knot you

i feel resentful
because we deal in smiles
face to face
but then behind the back lies
weeds in the garden
which you want pulled… 113 more words


the battle seemed gentle

Where do you live? Deep inside some huge metaphor you built after you moved into the Elephant’s Graveyard? A smoke or a beer would have been good, but his daily litany was exclusion diet. 413 more words



he counts in baker’s dozens
it’s lucky for him
there’s comfort in loaves
and there’s sweetness in pies
but there’s artistry in pastry

he dreams in complicated designs… 43 more words

Muse Hick