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Colour the Muse!

Summer Art Challenge Days 36 — making art every day!

I’ve finished the ink stage for Iris’s latest adventure; I’m looking forward to colouring it! It occurred to me that other people might like to colour it too, so here is the ink-line version; feel free to download it and colour it yourself (for personal use only). 60 more words


Don't Write for Yourself! (and other things I'm figuring out)

This post doesn’t have anything to do with the band Muse. It does have to do with the idea of “muse” quite a lot though, and I’m a big fan of Muse’s musics, so I’ll include one of their songs at the start (that has to do with the idea of “muse!”) 818 more words

Series 7 | Mutation 5/12 by Quasimondo

Series 7 | Mutation 5/12 by Quasimondo on Flickr.

This place I love, this place I fear

It’s a Tuesday, or Wednesday evening or whatever night it is that I have some writing assignment due and I can’t seem to sit there and just make myself type the words. 677 more words

That Strange Night with the Known Killer

stars dancing
in the night sky,
waves in the
light of the moon
claimed high,
the evening at
the beach
a favorable sight,
longing for sadness, 336 more words

Monday Muse. I thought this only happened in Fireman Sam.

The burly fire fighters of London Town may be the knights of the city when it comes to burning buildings, but they’re also somewhat of a blessing with regards to the little things in life; that is, the little things that aren’t made for the introduction of little lives. 76 more words