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Why I love Living by the Shore.

So my entire life I’ve lived in only two houses. One was in the Poconos in the middle of nowhere – not a place someone who wants to grow up having friends wants to live – and the other is in New Jersey near the beach. 302 more words


Living in a Fantasy World

Have you ever read a book and felt like you were on a cloud and forgot where you were? It’s one of the magical things about reading, and writing too. 138 more words


Listening to the MUSES

Greek mythology tells of nine muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne: goddesses who inspire with their talents representing aspects of the arts and sciences. 2,086 more words


The Art of (Not) Listening to Recipes

So I like to cook. I’d like to think I’m pretty damned good at it too – or at least I’ve been told. But there’s a problem with learning new recipes. 308 more words


Heartfelt Confessions from the Land O' Lakes Pt. 1

Now there’s nothing but time that’s wasted, and words that have no back bone. – “In the Mourning” – Paramore

Opening thoughts: Tidbits and Mind Scrambles…

605 more words

About What You Know

I’m sure everyone’s heard the old adage “Write what you know.” I agree, well to an extent. You see when I start to write about what I know I forget important details and gloss over the finer points that make a story magical. 330 more words