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Fashion and Retail

“Desire is the blood of a story. Desire is not a shopping list but a core need that, if satisfied, would stop the story in its tracks… 122 more words


Unfinished Painting

It was supposed to have been a masterpiece

like a Degas or a Renoir,

carefully crafted to live a life of its own

way beyond the life of its painter. 143 more words


#QOTD: Compassion

Did this with Wan Wei today. =) Let’s be compassionate, my dear readers.


It's True: You're Beautiful

My students often tell me they “hate writing.” Or that they “aren’t good writers.” Or that I’m “standing on their feet.” They want to know where being a “good writer comes from.” I usually tell them that nobody knows. 414 more words



But hey, it rhymes and we just felt like saying this today!


Online Dating

Hey guys!

Wow, this is my first time blogging from my mac. =) I really didn’t know that a macbook air makes me so much more productive, oh gosh! 106 more words



During my early twenties, if my weird fiction was imitative, with an occasional surprise of a concept and a further surprise in execution, my science-fiction writing was abysmal, and my detective fiction verged on the ludicrous.

137 more words