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Gathering of the muse

Ceiling high filled with imagination

running wild through the pages new and old,

a gathering for muses to dive within

to find the inspiration

to set free in delightful ways… 104 more words


An Inquisitive Butterfly

“Did I ever mention that her bare arm bore the eight of vaccination? That I loved her hopelessly? That she was only fourteen? An inquisitive butterfly passed, dipping, between us.” 176 more words


Summer's end

Alas, a quiet moment. My daughter is napping, and I have settled into the sofa with tea, some dark chocolate and dried cranberries in hand to do nothing but luxuriate in the moment. 882 more words


Muses, Graces and Xanadu for Wednesday Whimsy

This week’s Wednesday Whimsy is M for Muse. I’m always talking about mine and how finicky she is, and how she absolutely refuses to plot things too far in advance LOL. 495 more words

Disney Project 2014: Hercules

Movie: Hercules

Release year: 1997

Man, we are catching up to the present-day. We have 18 weekends left in 2014, and 18 movies to go. 197 more words


Every poet needs a muse

Frozen rose
reaching out
to the far universe.
Somewhere there
slightly move
among the stars
announces the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.
Sweet and sour taste… 113 more words


Back At It | Meeting New People | Greek Festival

Well, I’m back at it…school that is…


I started last Friday and ever since then it’s felt as if I haven’t left. Within the short amount of time that I’ve returned, so much has gone on. 506 more words