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Assignment 2: Making Sense of it All (The Museum of London)

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the Museum of London. I was skeptical whether it would really be much different from any of the other museums I had already visited. 496 more words


London So Far

I feel bad for not posting in a while, but these past few weeks have been insanely busy. Ever since arriving to London, about two weeks ago, I have been on my the move almost all day, between going to classes, visiting monuments and museums, seeing plays, and attempting to do the ridiculous amount of homework I need for these courses. 1,129 more words

My BFF's Bday and a day in Brighton!

Hello again friends and lovers!

Not gonna lie, I’ve been slacking a little on the blogging front since the past few weeks have been hectic and I just started school! 444 more words


No 54. Every day is judgment day

Today, judgment sat upon me in its black-capped splendour.  This blog has, in part, been an exercise in how to get to grips with being a single parent while wrestling with internal and external judgment, but I was blindsided today by a judgment that hadn’t troubled me for over a year. 545 more words


The Museum of London: 'What Muslims Wear'

On Saturday 23rd August, the Museum of London held an event to celebrate the culmination of the Project ‘What Muslims Wear’. The project, coordinated by Halima Khanom and supported by the Arts Council England, aimed to curate outfits to represent the diverse Muslim population in London. 710 more words


Lots of Sherlock Holmes related activities at the Museum of London coming up in Autumn

The Museum of London has a series of events relating to Sherlock Holmes as well as a new exhibition. All the text below comes from their site. 434 more words

Anthony Horowitz

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 3: 14 May 2014

Late night Tuesday night = sleeping through the complimentary hostel breakfast Wednesday morning. A problem I never had before Twitter found me a social life in London for this visit to England! 812 more words