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Personal Paradise Tuesday - What's better than Thomas the Train?

It’s Personal Paradise Tuesday again! Today our love for trains just keeps on chugging. :) Our little place in this world backs up almost to the train tracks. 207 more words

Paradise Moments

David Bowie is....

The David Bowie Exhibit in downtown Chicago is a must see! This is the only time the exhibit will be displayed in the United Sates on its international tour. 116 more words


Finding light in the Louvre

When wandering around the expansive Louvre Museum, one can often feel lost, but there is plenty of light to guide you.


Eau de Natural History

I assume she smells like… old artifacts? Dinosaur bones?

Girl Talk

The magic of family photos

Family photos – when I was younger I thought they were pretty boring, to be honest. All those old people I don’t know, at events I know nothing about. 250 more words

Lisbon - first impressions

I arrived in Lisbon at the end of September, but didn’t manage to blog immediately as I had to find a place to live then wait for internet to be installed in my flat (for FIVE WEEKS!) Anyway, this is just a quick post to get the ball rolling. 110 more words


80. Visit a museum that I haven't been at

The true is that normally when I go to México city I go to a restaurant or a bar with my friends, but we almost never go to an exposition, or a museum, or things like that. 247 more words

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