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The nostalgic feeling when we remember that passionate embrace!

I cannot remember where I picked this up.  I was transfixed with its magnificence that it’s my lose if I let it go away.


The Paris Catacombs

Nearly six million deceased people reside beneath Paris, which makes it one of the world’s largest graves. But, originally these people were not all buried here, so where did they come from? 468 more words

My Adventures

Queen Victoria

Some exciting news at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Yesterday, Vogue.com had an article by Lynne Yaeger on the newest exhibition at the Met Museum that opened yesterday as well. 116 more words


Exhibiting What?

In the midst of data based information a recursive question has been spinning around among museum lovers: what does it mean “exhibiting” when any kind of “representable” thing of this world is accessed through the ubiquitous medium of the Internet? 322 more words


Legalized Sin in the City Days 1 and 2: Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Usually you can divide people by what they say: legalized drugs and the Red Light District, but maybe you get a few who think of windmills. 1,896 more words


The Visitor

Iron Age roundhouse, Butser Ancient Farm. iPhone.