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Returning to Uganda. By Sabrina Lloyd.

River’s Mouth. On Returning to Uganda. By Sabrina Lloyd.

‘You can’t step into the same river twice,’ they say, they taunt, they warn. It may look the same; the water may feel the same, caressing skin between toes. 763 more words

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Attention: CLF (Coalition of Liberation Forces) claims to be responsible for the Rwenzori attacks

CLF claims responsiblity for the Rwenzori attacks and is saying that everybody as is taken to custody by the Police is innocent oppisiton figurs: 

A new group the coalition of liberation forces (CLF) has claimed it carried out all the attacks against police and army units in the Rwenzori region, and the regime after failing to get them, it turned to arresting innocent kingdom officials and members of the FDC.The Group says that the regime had always wanted to clamp down on the Rwenzururu kingdom, and also had wanted a reason to disorganise the FDC party which has the largest support in the region, and now it has struck and struck hard.The CLF says the charging of these innocent civilians beforea general Court marshal will backfire in the face of M7 and will spel disaster for him.On its part. 75 more words


The Sleeping Govt is what we voted for in 2011!

This issue of meditating in public may be explained by the ambiance in Serena hotel.The aesthetics of that conference room are set in the 60s and so is the Parliament – Dull, un-stimulating. 352 more words


Bakonzo vs. Basongora: The Tragedy of Commons

To understand the Basongora – Bakonzo conflict — ignoring the obvious, simplistic narrative being peddled by different interest groups — it’s imperative we looked at Garret Hardin’s economic theory, “the tragedy of commons”. 695 more words

Mwenda's Bullshit use of the 'Balanced Score Card Model' by Norton and Kaplan

UAH forumists,

When you are writing for people who do not have a culture of reading, you can use any bullshit to lie to them, and this is exactly what Andrew Mwenda has been doing in most of his radio and newspaper explanations.For those who dont know the history of Mwenda’s writings – first he was ‘in the opposition’ – he used to write with even much more rigor in bashing government for a litany of failures. 2,556 more words



Gen. Saleh is Museveni’s young brother. For quite some time he had been Museveni’s half-brother till the late 90s when he was elevated to the status of full brother. 2,418 more words


David Oyite Ojok and Yoweri K. Museveni frequently entered Uganda during their intelligence missions!

Fellow UAH,

The situation between ‘Idi Amin’s’ Uganda and Tanzania was very interesting. At times, Tanzania extended a gesture of good neighbourliness to Uganda, but the Ugandan authorities reciprocated with caution and with an act of intimidation to Tanzania. 385 more words