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Unlikely Allies

General Yoweri Museveni is the dictator of Uganda. He went to war and seized power of the country in 1986 murdering many people in the process. 127 more words


No Education is irrelevant!

“You ask Arts students what they can solve and they tell you, ‘for us we only think.’ Think about what?” The president of the banana Republic asked. 804 more words


Uganda, scenario status

Dear readers and followers

This week is on Uganda – one of Africa’s fastest growing economies – and possibly the country with the highest growth rate in 2018 when oil comes on-stream.  634 more words

There's an -ism. Let's call it Bush-ism

The politics of the ‘bush state’ refers to a political phenomenon of the Museveni’s Uganda. It is a creature of the Bush Politicians and largely the handiwork of the Bush war generals with their cronies that took over power by force of arms in 1986 after the Luwero bush war. 375 more words


Confusion as both government and rebels welcome same group of 'defectors'

Just hours after a group of not-particularly-popular-or-influential South Sudanese politicians announced that they have defected, supporters and tribesmen belonging to SPLA-Juba and SPLA-IO have come out separately to praise the defectors and welcome them into the mucky political arena that is already filled with self-proclaimed messiahs of South Sudan. 466 more words

South Sudan

'Look up and smile', officials tell citizens as Google's mapping satellite is expected to fly over South Sudan

South Sudan is preparing for the next big event as the satellite that maps the earth and takes powerful high quality aerial images of towns and cities is expected to fly over some inhabited areas in South Sudan and parts of Northern Uganda. 374 more words

South Sudan

Uganda LGBT Law

After the good news that Ugandan courts struck down the anti-gay law which was passed earlier this year lawmakers now started to sign a petition with which they hope to vote about the law again and have it reinstated as soon as next week. 49 more words