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Lal Masjid and Peshawar : Contrasting response to resembling offences

2007 was a year of religious devaluation in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The assault on Lal Masjid and the adjoining seminaries, Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Faridia, by Pakistan Army shook the ethos of a nation that took pride in religious genesis. 735 more words

India and Pakistan must unite to fight terror...  

My op-ed in The Indian Express today, Dec 18, 2014…

Together we can 

By Beena Sarwar

In an unprecedented move, students at schools across India observed a two-minute silence on December 17, 2014 in solidarity… 1,156 more words


khoon ke ek ek qatrey ka intiqaam

it was a news i wish i never heard in my life….an incident that would never happen in my utopia of imagination. but its a real world, a world where monsters live disguised as humans and no one is safe. 422 more words


General Musharraf - Perceptions, Politics and Pakistani Realities

Dear Pakistan:

President Musharraf’s recent ARY interview with Moeed Pirzada and Fawad Chaudhry showed a man in the proverbial hot seat.

The Former Chief of Army Staff, President and yes, Dictator, was asked several uncomfortable questions that have previously been opined, dissected, and analyzed by both international and Pakistani media. 275 more words