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A Mushroom Cloud - Sammy Salvo

A Mushroom Cloud
Sammy Salvo

A Mushroom Cloud: Sammy Salvo

I want to be happy I want to be gay
I want to be normal in every way… 134 more words


After Crimea: What Putin might do next

Howard LaFranchi,  The Christian Science Monitor

It was a pound-the-shoe moment reminiscent of an era many thought long past. A Russian television anchor with close ties to the Kremlin recently excoriated the American response to Moscow’s moves in… 195 more words


written on check no. 62566

this morning i was
scrubbing shampoo into my hair
and squeaking clean my ears
with my pointer fingers —
still half asleep,
living in the lunatic dream… 127 more words

Mushroom cloud of starlings

This amazing photo shows a ‘murmuration’ of starlings (yes, that really is the collective noun), which form the shape of a mushroom cloud. Renown photographer… 31 more words

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