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Jelly Tooth

Toothed fungi (Hydnaceae) bear their spores on downward-pointing spines or “teeth” instead of on gills or pores.  The true tooth fungi are fleshy to brittle in texture. 244 more words

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Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Never store mushrooms in a plastic bag because they quickly become slick and unpleasant. They keep best either in a brown paper bag (with the top folded down) because the brown paper absorbs the moisture that the mushrooms produce.


Orange Earth Tongue

One more mushroom from along Burney Creek in McArthur-Burney Falls State Park (CA) and then on to other topics:

Orange Earth Tongue (Microglossum rufum) 156 more words

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Extra Sharp Cheddar and Mushroom Buffalo Burger w/ Baked Fries

Today’s Menu: Extra Sharp Cheddar and Mushroom Buffalo Burger w/ Baked Fries

A very windy day out there today, in the mid 30’s. Got a couple loads of laundry done. 341 more words


Psilocybin Generates New Brain Cells (Secret Fun Fact #0004)

Learn more:

Juan R. Sanchez-Ramos, M.D., Ph.D. – Psilocybin Grows New Brain Cells (Proof)

Effects of psilocybin on hippocampal neurogenesis and extinction of trace fear conditioning… 7 more words


The Photography Paradox

About a year after my brain injury, things had improved and stabilized enough for me to consider finding something to do with myself.  We had a good, although somewhat out of date, 35mm camera.   724 more words


Bird's Nest Fungi

One of the things that amazes me are the various forms and shapes found among fungi or mushrooms.

Bird’s nest fungi, although very small and often overlooked, actually do look like tiny bird’s nests. 325 more words

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