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Puffball Mushroom

A photo essay of an 8-inch puffball mushroom in our backyard.

I do wonder what caused its shape.


Truffle Mushroom Arancini

Out of St. Louis, Mia Sorella dishes out a rare but delicious dish being deep fried of course!  Arancini is deep fried rice balls with a stuffing and in this case, probably a mix of mushrooms and truffle oil.   30 more words

Noodles with mixed mushrooms

For some reason, I’ve been picking dishes that can be used as topping for the variation basic noodle soup recipe. This one is using leftover… 49 more words


Vegetable Biryani

Yesterday was 3 hours on the train and 3 back to an old university friend’s 40th birthday.  He now has a large family so it was an afternoon sandwich buffet and catch-up rather than a raucous drunken affair, but it was lovely to meet up with people I hadn’t seen for quite some time, look over photos from the 1990s *cringe*, and generally see where life has taken us in the intervening 20 years. 236 more words

Stir-fried oyster and shiitake mushrooms with garlic 素炒雙菇

Love the juicy and meaty stir-fried mushrooms. Oyster and shiitake mushrooms are such great combination. Very easy and fast dish to prepare and cook. Simply delicious.



Mushroom Marsala Steak & Asparagus

We love mushrooms, so for our 1 year anniversary, my husband and I collaborated on a simple, relatively guilt-free dinner that we were able to whip up in minutes. 509 more words