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In the presence of angels

On a recent Sunday afternoon, Marty and I took a gaggle of photo-friends on our boat to a small island, an hour’s run from downtown Kodiak. 361 more words


Potato gnocchi with mushrooms

I have been spending a lot of time watching old seasons of Masterchef Australia. It is a great thing to do while cooking myself. Plus, I always feel highly inspired and motivated to try something new after watching these professional homecooks. 386 more words


My medicine for homesickness

Now that I’ll be moving quite far from home (once again), I wanted to create an album for myself to weep with when I feel lonely and abandoned. 843 more words

Vegetable Quinoa

Quinoa is a great alternative to those like me who can’t have rice. I love this side and often use it with saucy dishes like my… 88 more words


Warm Mediterranean Farro Salad With Mushrooms

“When the leaves adjust hueThe air becomes good and coolFall is upon us”Mu husband bought me a bag of organic farro in Costco shop and I cook it a lot. 31 more words

Women Ideas

That Time I Ate A Lot of Psilocybin And Then Saw A Lot Of Blood

When I was fifteen-ish, I ran away from home and lived in a super sketchy apartment in Northern Ontario. Felt like a brilliant idea at the time … 583 more words