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Grateful for

Hi guys!!

I had to resist a stronge urge to type ‘guyz’ there. And you know what? I should have. Because yolo. And ‘guys’ feels just as bad anyway. 385 more words


Mila | 5 months

Has another month really gone by already?! No way.

Dear sweet Mila is 5 months old and thriving! She’s changed a lot this past month, and it’s very exciting yet sad at the same time. 162 more words

Everything Else

First-year-of-marriage Casserole

So what if I am not married let alone in my first year of it but ALAS that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a first year of marriage casserole just as well as the next call-her-mother-on-the-phone-to-cook-rice bride. 322 more words

People who are like junk food.

I just don’t know. I feel like there are a lot of things in my head that need to bust out, but I’m not even sure exactly what it is. 204 more words

You Didn't Need To Know But I'm Telling You.

If You Let Me

If you let me,
I’d kiss your scars
with lips that drip
of a remedy close to perfection.
I want those wounds.
I don’t want to swoon you with sweet nothings. 219 more words


mumbai is unduly mushy i say !

i have a home… i move about on my own… and i make a fairly decent living to support my single self ! wait a minute, i do not beg i sell candy…  but people think i need help…  well yes… all i need is new legs…  rest is fine ! 29 more words

Ami Somaiya