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'Little Loved One' A Radiohead-Like Song For Jhene Aiko

I have been mispronouncing Jhene Aiko’s last name and I feel bad. So, to make it up to her, I have written the following really slow “chill” Radiohead-like song that she might like. 170 more words


'Hollywood Ending' (Second Draft)

This is just me screwing around, trying to write like Thom Yorke. This song would be sung really, really slowly to a slow, but intense beat. 70 more words


Somebody's Coming Home

December 14, 2012 was the longest day of my life. This isn’t a new revelation for me or for anyone who knows me, but it is one I wanted to revisit today. 260 more words


Do They Realise?

Do They Realise?

Do they realise just how long they’ve been pretending?

Do they know that their inaction infers action

And that there sudden action is mere reaction… 33 more words


Music Production for the Information Intolerant: Blog Edition

Blog Entry by: Brendan Foster

Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Music Production for the Information Intolerant. Today, I’ll be talking to you more in depth about EQ and how I’m not actually speaking into a microphone right now, but actually typing things on a keyboard. 635 more words


Maggie's Pick 11.26.2014: "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas

OK, so I really need to start posting this Picks a bit earlier. However, this week is incredibly lacking in structure, and therefore I am off my game in all counts. 11 more words