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What I Wouldn't Do To See Someone From NYC, LA, London Or Paris In Nori Magazine's Webstats Today

I monitor my Webstats on Nori Magazine like a hawk. And nothing is going on. Nothing fun is happening. Even at Migukin’s Blog, things are dead as a doornail. 346 more words


My Only Hope For My Lyrics: Someone Scoops Them Up, Produces Them & Gives Me Credit

As I said, I’ve only been working on lyrics for about a week now. So, I don’t really expect anything to happen with them.

Sia, who apparently was something a lyrical prodigy, had to struggle for years before she hit it big (rather randomly.) Even then she has a background in music that I don’t have. 229 more words


Sigh. I'm Too Broke To Find A #Composer & / Or #Producer For My #Lyrics

So, I’m at something of an impasse.

Some of my lyrics are decent, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to get a producer or composer to help me turn these lyrics into songs without being able to pay them. 272 more words


The Pulsating Soundtrack of Silence

Even silence needs to make some noise every once in a while and this notion is especially true when intensity and desperation spins and races into the unknown. 286 more words