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Christmas isn't Christmas without...

There’s been a lot in the press recently about music education, or the lack of. Over recent years, the British government have seen fit to reduce the budgets, especially in primary school music education. 718 more words

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The Education By Justin Gamache

The Education

            The countries that I choose to learn about for this assignment are Finland and Netherlands. I am going to start talking about Finland; the education policy is designed to offer all citizens equal opportunities to receive an education, the way this is structured is built upon principles that keep the system equal for all students. 1,437 more words

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Musical People Keep Me Motivated

Piano bench……me.  Piano bench……student…….me.   This is often how it is at my studio.  It’s a great business.  I set my own hours, rates, policies, and who I work with.   248 more words

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Adult Bullying is REAL By Justin Gamache

One may think that as we grow older and mature throughout life that adults wouldn’t carry on bullying other people just because they love having all the power and the determination to control ones life. 1,416 more words

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Up Is The Way To Go

When a boy realizes his voice has deepened, it can become difficult to convince him to sing in his upper range. Many are proud of their deeper voices, and do not want to sound like younger boys whose voices have not yet changed, and they are more secure singing down. 635 more words

Music Education

PIANO TIME CLASSICS Page 16 Fur Elise, by Beethoven

Page 16

Fur Elise, by Beethoven

PIANO TIME CLASSICS: arranged by Pauline Hall
The Oxford Piano Method
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Demonstrated by Connie Luk