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Great ukulele version of 'Mamma Mia'

One of my talented ukulele students plays an awesome version of ‘Mamma Mia’ by ABBA.

Ukulele version of 'Row Row Your Boat'

One of my smallest students adds his own unique and awesome spin to ‘Row Row Your Boat’ :)

Assembly Performance- 'Best Day of my Life'

A group of my guitar and ukulele students perform ‘Best Day of my Life’ in front of their whole school.

Assembly Performance- "Kookaburra'

Two of my ukulele students play ‘Kookaburra’ at an Assembly for Bellevue School.

'Count on Me' acoustic version

Here is a video of Bruno Mars playing an acoustic version of ‘Count on Me’ for my students who are learning this. It’s a little slower so some of you may be able to play along. 14 more words

STOMP: A Rhythm Composition Unit

This is my favourite scene from the video “STOMP: Out Loud.” 

Each year I show the video to my grade 6 classes and have them create their own performance. 343 more words

Back to School Sale!

In honor of “back-to-school time,” I’m having a sale on my online store. Everything is pretty inexpensive and hopefully helpful for your classroom. Check it out here: 34 more words

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