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Chaparral's Grove

There are those times a paramour
seduced by metaphors,
Danced on sultry salty shores
As love slinks underneath the door,

Peering through my laced peignoir… 146 more words


September Carols

In September you arrived
Like a Christmas gift wrapped
In silver shiny paper
Your thoughts swept me a’drift,

To places soft and caressed
Held safe within your shade… 41 more words



Ensigned like a mark in the skin
Felt yet fading words fall gently
Cleansing with each breath again,

A token resides where only you know… 61 more words


Willow's Whim


Why is the willow weeping
Because branches brush the ground?
The crying oft with not one sound
Branched beauty’s tender pleading,

Unique elegant stature
So sad yet sensual this tree… 105 more words


My two days summer lounge #hmxsummerwell

Weekend-ul este, prin definitie, sfarsitul unor zile insiruite de munca. De multe ori, reusim sa ne organizam si weekend-ul, sa il umplem de activitati programate la ora, sa respectam un itinerariu aproximativ ca intr-o zi de job.  260 more words

Fashion Through My Eyes