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So You’re Thinking of Quitting Piano Lessons?

A Letter to my First-Grade Self

Dear First-Grade Katelyn,

I know you’ve been taking piano lessons for a couple years and you are sick of practicing scales day after day. 384 more words


Top 10 Reasons Music is Essential in Your Child's Life

This informative, unique article was submitted by our FIT4MOM Front Range Vendor of the Month, Beth Beyer of Tiny Tunes Music Together in Loveland, CO. Regardless of if you are in the Northern Colorado area or not, this will be useful information to you and your child!  483 more words

The Mom

Helping Your Child Achieve Good, Quality Practise - Piano Teacher in Wallsend, NSW

Let’s assume your child has made a commitment to learning to play the piano and has ceased to see you as the ogre in the household because you are constantly hounding him/her to practise.   483 more words

How To Choose a Music Class for Your Pre-Schooler

My older daughter was three when I gamely enrolled her in Suzuki violin lessons. It was a disaster. She had no patience for all the talk about the different parts of the bow, or how to stand, or how to position her feet. 551 more words

Music Lessons

Bass: The Other Timekeeper

I recently played a gig where the songs kept speeding up. At the end of the second set, the drummer told me that we need to rein in the tempo. 695 more words

Bass Lesson

What is important?

Three things are important to me and were growing up in Massachusetts and in Colorado.

Family-we had the luxury of a stay at home mom which I believe made all the difference in growing up.  313 more words


Want to boost your child's IQ? Try Singing Games, not Computers

A Toronto Star editorial (Getting kids connected, August 17, 2014) laments the gap between high income kids with access to computers and low-income kids whose families can’t afford Internet connections. 933 more words

Music Lessons