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Let's Talk - Lessons Part 1 - the bow, and how tight to have it

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, or at least thought of doing, is teaching. I don’t know if I’m any good at it, but when I started learning the violin I always saw myself going through the grades, doing a diploma and then teaching it. 577 more words


How the Non-Piano-Playing Parent Can Help Their Piano-Playing Child (Part 1) – Piano Teacher in Wallsend, NSW

Parents who have never played a musical instrument often feel lost when it comes to helping their child practise at home. They may feel their ability to help is limited to phrases such as, “It’s time to practise the piano!” or “Your lesson is in 15 minutes – quickly do some practise!” or even, “Did you remember to practise this week?” But it doesn’t have to be this way. 538 more words

Thanksgiving Week 1: Kids

I’ve got a big December planned here on the Jacke Blog. So I’m taking a breath and celebrating my favorite week of the year. Thanksgiving! Time to bring in the harvest, start up a fire, watch a little football, and keep the kitchen bustling. 483 more words


Music Appreciation for Kids

The Common Core focuses on language arts and mathematics. Your school probably puts a lot of emphasis on these subjects and maybe history or social studies and science. 298 more words

Common Core Standards

the Green Zone

Final Movement

Flash Fiction

by Charles McKelvy

“Tighten up on the reed.”

He tightened up on the reed.

“Better. A little more.”

He pushed the clarinet farther into his mouth and tightened his embouchure around the mouthpiece. 102 more words



- He’s really talentless, isn’t he?

- Sweetie, I know you feel have to drive him around to all these expensive lessons, because motherhood. Don’t do it. 140 more words


Let's Talk - Equipment Part 3 - lesson resources

We’ve spoken about getting lessons in part 2, but now it’s time to consider what you’ll learn from. When it comes to lesson resources, your tutor will tell you which books they work from, or what resources to go with. 725 more words