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PARIS HILTON Doesn't Trust Men As Much Ever Since Her Sex Tape Was Leaked

While it seems people are okay with last-resort-at-life-and-living-it-in-an-attempt-at-fame-and-fortune-any-way-you-can-get-it-even-if-it-means-cashing-out-on-selling-your-soul-mind-and….body for the world to see (just so you can ball on Instagram); Paris Hilton is reiterating for us all that, that aint her game…and too, is denouncing such a thing as her claim to fame. 411 more words

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Q & A With My iTunes Library Part 6

Q & A With My iTunes Library is where I answer questions asked by songs in my music library with other songs in my music library. 449 more words


COLDPLAY'S CHRIS MARTIN Consciously a Carnivore Since "Uncoupling" with GWYNETH PALTROW

 According to our friends at US Magazine, 2005’s Sexiest Vegetarian and one half of the “conscious uncouple” who’s back at one again, is also back to the beef: consciously a carnivore. 282 more words

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PURPLE RAIN Turns 30: PRINCE Invites APOLLONIA To Paisley Park

 Very few kissing scenes in movies can make you yell out with pleasure (and embarrass yourself if anyone’s in the room with you) than the very moment in “Purple Rain” “When Dove’s Cry” video & scene when while Prince is straddled over Apollonia and goes in for that savage, near borderline animalistic yet, sensual kiss, as the lyrics “ 571 more words

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MADONNA Puts On For Her City

 Michigan native and pop star maven: Madonna is making miracles and muscles while too; matriculating her daughter into University of Michigan.

  During a recent visit to her hometown of Detroit, the pop queen and… 422 more words

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$13 ONE DIRECTION Tickets Fueled Frenzy

 One Direction fans certainly proved there is no route they wouldn’t take to see their favorite boy band.

Fans let their fingers do the walking over the keyboards of the World Wide Web-proving that for… 269 more words

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