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Out Of Sync: N'SYNC Had Full 2-Disc 34-Song CD Released Today........& Did'neeen Know It

The popular boy band N’Sync (who are now men) are apparently out of sync when it comes to how pieces of their past are remixed, compiled, redistributed, and…sold. 545 more words

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BANG BANG: JESSIE J Releases New Single Featuring ARIANA GRANDE &...............The NICKI MINAJ

In lieu of we’re definitely not going to say because of all the backlashing, tongue-wagging, and “open letters” (that I’m heavily considering closing on, because…*sucks teeth*..at any rate…back to what I was saying)… 302 more words

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RICKY MARTIN Double-Tapped To Be Apart of Fourth Season of (The Voice's) La Voz México

Known for being sagacious, spiritually centered, mature, talented, and having the ability to command the stage with the of fireworks (no actual fireworks needed, thank you), it’s no wonder the to boy to man wonder:  119 more words

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TAYLOR SWIFT's Voice...Of Reason...To A Fan Asking For Advice About Her Boo'd-Up Crush

Although it seems like in just the few short years that Taylor Swift has been on the scene, she’s growing up right before our very own eyes-still (it seems), she’s young enough—to not be old enough to be giving advice on love, relationship, and things of that nature. 387 more words

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PARIS HILTON Doesn't Trust Men As Much Ever Since Her Sex Tape Was Leaked

While it seems people are okay with last-resort-at-life-and-living-it-in-an-attempt-at-fame-and-fortune-any-way-you-can-get-it-even-if-it-means-cashing-out-on-selling-your-soul-mind-and….body for the world to see (just so you can ball on Instagram); Paris Hilton is reiterating for us all that, that aint her game…and too, is denouncing such a thing as her claim to fame. 411 more words

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Q & A With My iTunes Library Part 6

Q & A With My iTunes Library is where I answer questions asked by songs in my music library with other songs in my music library. 449 more words