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Purple Reign: PRINCE Signs With Warner Bros & Regains Creative Control

  Spring solstice is actually the “New Year”-it’s when the sun is in Aries (beginning March 21 through April 20). Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) is the sign of the “infant” because it is “first born” of the constellations. 687 more words

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{Out & About} Throwin' Cuteness to the Wind: JESSICA SIMPSON'S AIR MAX

Jessica Simpson’s hubby (former football pro Eric Johnson) takes a stroll on the beach with their daughter Maxi. And in a candid photo moment, Johnson was captured tossing 22 month-old little Maxi up into the air like a ball, herself. 103 more words

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Tears of Joy: PHARRELL. (Happy) .

…(Click last pic).

…So you know I fancy myself some self-proclaimed musicologist, right? And in the archives of my music-laden mind, there was a song by Deniece Williams called: “Do What You Feel, If It Feels Real Good To You.” And like that song…do what you feel if it feels real good to you. 188 more words

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In: "We're Finally About-To-Do-Some'n-Kimye-Can't-Do" News

Say: ‘Eat the cake! Annie Mae. Say eat the Cake!” -Jay Z (“Drunk in Love”)

Hint: Ike and Tina Revue 2.0


Get the G’s on… 53 more words

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KATHERINE JACKSON Sued for $800,000

It’s one thing to add insult to injury.

It’s an altogether different thing to spit acquit someone’s grave.

But as much as even I can play on words, I haven’t the words to find for a situation about someone who has to foot the bill . 425 more words

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Happy: PHARRELL Sits Down With OPRAH Sunday Night on OWN #OprahPrime

You say: “hospitality.”

I say: “hatspitality.”

Let’s call the whole thing on.

If you’re feeling anything like a “room without a roof,” hey, hey—then from the looks of things, you’re going to have to be in the audience of the room without one, in which music phenom: Pharrell Williams and television talk show mogul: Oprah Winfrey, will have their first-ever sit-down this coming Sunday night on OWN at 9…and at 8 Central Standard Time. 483 more words

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We Are Gathered Here Today in Holy Michael-Money: DEBBIE ROWE Engaged to Be Married, Rumored to Want Custody of PARIS, PRINCE (And BLANKET)

The cash cow is coming of age, love is in the air, and the rooster is coming to nest.

Debbie Rowe, 55, former nurse and ex-wife and mother of the first two children of the late Michael Jackson’s two children , is engaged to be married again-to Marc Schaffel  (gay porn producer and well-documented long-time friend of Michael Jackson’s). 557 more words

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