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Music Promotion: Is It Better To Use A PR Team?

In my last post I spoke to a talented friend who not only started his own music event, where he also DJ’s but he also created a record label, which was all self promoted. 281 more words


Case Study: A Successful Music Marketing Campaign

I always thought a music campaign just consisted of gigs, maybe a few tv adverts and possibly a spot in a film, but what I didn’t realise was there’s so much more to them, and the marketing plan usually run from anywhere from 6-12 months. 488 more words


7 Of The Best - Clash Magazine's Top 7 Best Record Label's of 2014.

It’s coming to the end of the year, and the lists are coming out in full force. You know what I mean the ‘Top 10 Albums of 2014′ type albums. 319 more words


What's The Best Festival

Why do people love festivals? Is it the music, or do you go for the atmosphere?
For me, it really is a mixture of all three and then some, it’s like a mini camping holiday with the added bonus of live music and lots of alcohol. 829 more words


It's A Cut-Throat Business - Are Music Promoters Really Needed Anymore?

Firstly, it all depends on what kind of promotion work you want to do?

The job, really does sound redundant these days, for a promoter working with independent artists, and artists starting out, especially as small music venues across the country seem to be dwindling in numbers. 112 more words


Self Promoting Your Music and Events: An interview with Jake, co-founder of BASSment

I’ve managed to catch up with a good friend Jake Burdass who co-founded BASSment  with his best friend Josh. BASSment is an event that started in my lovely home-town of Huddersfield, which if I’m being honest was the worst for the music being that the scene was pretty much dead, there was no scene at all unless you count Saturday night top floor of Tokyo’s (Godbless your soul if you do). 998 more words