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The uphill battle for the Music Industry

If we were to take a look at the music world in retrospect of its traditional roles in terms of the way consumers and distributors go about selling, buying, promoting, discovering and so on, we can see that due to the way the world is advancing in technological terms these roles are going to have to, or already have been, changed in order to keep the industry a float. 435 more words

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Making A Demo

Lets face it.  Your band isn’t going to get very far at accomplishing the goal of getting your name out without a demo.  You may be able to grow your network of friends on your social network sites, but you aren’t going to gain any fans if they can’t hear what you are all about.  259 more words

Music Promotion

Copyrighting Your Music As A Musician

Copyright is a way that artists can legally protect their original work and creations.  This includes all written and visual creations from music to blueprints to computer programming code. 296 more words

Music Promotion

Having Merchandise For Your Band

Merch is crucial to your band because it helps you in so many ways.  First off, every piece of merch you sell gets your name out.  323 more words

Music Promotion

Photos For Musicians

Photos are extremely important as they help your band show off your infamous “image.” They put a face to the name for somebody who hasn’t seen you or your live act before. 252 more words

Music Promotion

Thia the Intern ~ Weeks 5 & 6

Well I missed a week of This the Intern posts today it’s a 2 for 1 wonder!!

Last week was definitely busy in terms of internship work but hey I didn’t mind – I enjoyed it. 556 more words