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By: Tyree Cooper

With 54 million artists, 200 million albums and 640 million songs, Last.fm is a free music based website founded in the United Kingdom in 2002 that “scrobbles,” or processes and shares a user’s music compatibility with others around the world. 379 more words


Researchers Claim That Releasing YouTube Music Videos Reduces Album Sales | Hypebot

In 2009, Warner blocked videos on YouTube by not only their artists but by anybody using bits of their music. This period gave researchers a chunk of data to compare and after doing their statistical magic on all other causes, found that the “blackout had both statistically and economically significant positive effects on album sales, specifically the best-selling albums in a week.”

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Amazon’s Streaming Contract Is “Entirely Unacceptable” | Digital Music News

Amazon is trying to bypass US Copyright law and define its own royalty rates

Section 115 of the US Copyright Act is the rate, set by the government, that defines the mechanical royalty rates.

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Contre « la tyrannie du choix » : Robots VS Humains ?

La recommandation et la découverte sont désormais les facteurs clés de succès de la fidélisation et de l’acquisition client des services de streaming.

Il y a quelques jours Spotify annonçait le rachat, pour 100 à 125 millions de dollars, de THE ECHONEST, société spécialisée dans le traitement des « data » et la recherche par similarité (algorithmes de recommandations). 279 more words

Billy Bragg and Beggars Group Rethink YouTube & Streaming... | MusicAlly

We wonder if this is the future of music and artist revenue streams?

While Wheeler was positive about subscription streaming services, he opened both barrels on YouTube.

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My friend Adam Dorn, better known as Mocean Worker, is a brilliant music artist. His songs received 1,200,000 plays in the year 2013 on the Pandora online, commercial, for profit, radio station.

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