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How to be a bad music teacher: ten terrible things to remember

Ten bad things to remember about music teaching … and ten good alternatives

1/ Sit and listen to a piece all through, picking out the mistakes … or teach actively first – small sections, slowly… 203 more words


Need/Want Beginner Guitar Lessons? Here's What I'm About

Picking up a new instrument can be a daunting task, especially without any kind of initial direction, even more especially if it’s the first instrument you’ve ever decided to learn. 586 more words

Brian Davis

I've Learned My Lesson

The other day I mentally took inventory of the most important people in my life. Strangely enough, Ben & Jerry did not quite make the short list. 984 more words


What really goes into creating a professional internet music resource?

Today I read Deborah Rambo Sinn’s entry in the Oxford University Press’s blog, in which she highlighted some crucially important issues regarding the problems of music teaching being an unregulated profession and also the widely varying quality of resources and advice available on the internet and subsequently posted on Facebook. 756 more words


In Celebration of Music: Sunday Afternoon Bell Choir!

The Piano Mistress loves the piano of course. Playing it, teaching it, listening to it. But I do believe that to be a good musician one should listen to music beyond your chosen instrument, because the realm of music is the realm of Soul…and Soul-Space is vast indeed. 449 more words

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The "Nadia Boulanger" of Wakefield

Picture: The “Nadia Boulanger” of Wakefield and young student Holly on Recital Night

Coming from a family of musicians and theater people it was just an accepted way of life to grow up having music lessons. 687 more words

Creativity And Imagination

Musical Angels Amongst Us!

The previous series on Teaching Piano: Elders and Accommodations hopefully encourages the study of music at any age.

There are many ways to live a life. 31 more words

Creativity And Imagination