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Taste: a dangerous area for the unwary…

My book was never intended to become a philosophical work. Nevertheless, I believed it to be important to establish a common ground regarding objectivity because I was aware that ideas about music and art are often hopelessly subjective. 1,411 more words

Music Theory

The Infinite Variety of Music

Little introduction : Leonard Bernstein

The infinite Variety of Music is a very original and personal music theory book written in 1966 by the American conductor, composer, pianist and pedagogue Leonard Bernstein. 625 more words

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Happy Pi Day!

I hope you enjoy this video about the beautiful Pi Symphony by Lars Erickson. The melodies and rhythms are based on the numbers of π (3.14159…etc), which describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. 40 more words

Music Theory

A view from the trenches…

Musicians spend a huge chunk of their lives sitting at rehearsals and paying attention to instructions from the MD. In my experience, MD’s have generally been fairly competent. 739 more words

Music Theory

Rhythm Cards on Sale!

We only have two more days left in February, which means you better act fast to get in on Joy Morin’s February sale. Hop on over to… 259 more words

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The rise and rise of the English Brass Band

The English-style brass band is unique in its origins and instrumentation. Men who performed heavy duty work in hostile environments found it easier to pick up brass instruments than orchestral instruments such as violins and woodwinds and their employers often encouraged them to do so, providing rehearsal facilities and sponsorship. 1,141 more words

Music Theory