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How Louis Armstrong can help educate your kids

At the beginning of August every year we love to celebrate the birthday of one of our favourite American jazz musicians, Louis Armstrong. We try and attend a live jazz show, listen to old records and watch old videos of Louis Armstrong on YouTube with the family. 518 more words


Musical Form; why do we need it and where does it come from?

Well, it isn’t compulsory, that’s a fact and when we journey out from the realm of European ‘classical’ (and other) styles we encounter more and more regions where musicians barely give the idea a second thought. 1,058 more words

Music Theory

Musical Literacy: Chords and Cadence

Well here it is finally! The next video in my series on learning musical literacy. Thank you for your patience–life gets in the way, especially summer life!



last night’s piano lesson was a catastrophe from the get-go. i had not practiced in over 2 weeks and i probably should have cancelled because lessons tend to go very poorly and are are extremely extremely difficult when i don’t practice. 425 more words

Brief Intermission...

Just a quick break in the story to deliver some sad news….

Johnny Winter passed away yesterday while touring in Europe.

Johnny’s first album for Columbia Records in 1969 still sits in my car’s cd changer. 344 more words

Roots Music

Modulation of Time and Frequency - by Mike Overly

In the last post we learned the history of guitar effects and how manipulating volume alters the sound of our guitar. Now, let’s take a look at ways to make our guitar sound even weirder by exploring effects that modulate time and frequency. 2,252 more words

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Composers will occasionally pause to think about about what they do and why they do it and then get on with their daily business. Some will rarely think about it at all. 1,534 more words

Music Theory