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Play as a Band . . .

One thing no one wants in a band is the guy who is super controlling.  It’s easy to become this, especially if you’re the principal song-writer.   98 more words

Music Vocabulary

I realised that I could not find a good list of musical definitions on the internet so I made my own. This is specific to my A-Level set works but all music vocabulary is pretty general so I’d say that this would serve most people pretty well. 953 more words


The Harmonic Series

This is the basis of tonal music. Over the last 300 years, the progression of Western Music has been established by the order of pitches in the Harmonic Series (which is also referred to as the Overtone Series). 275 more words


Hello Everybody!

Hello and welcome to the PostModernGuitarist blog!

Here we will be discussing a variety of things from theory and compositional tips to technique and effective practice habits. 172 more words


Update on my Switch to Fixed Do

You can now listen or download my posts as podcasts. To do this, please visit Mr A Music Place: The Podcast.

Last month, I wrote about using fixed do solfege in my music classes ( 794 more words

Music Education

Taste: a dangerous area for the unwary…

My book was never intended to become a philosophical work. Nevertheless, I believed it to be important to establish a common ground regarding objectivity because I was aware that ideas about music and art are often hopelessly subjective. 1,411 more words

Music Theory