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L.A. New Wave Vampires From The 'Catholic Girl' Herself.

Rearranging my bookshelves usually gets me into trouble. Often as not, I end up browsing through the books I’m moving, instead of actually moving them. That’s precisely what happened last night, when I found myself sitting on the floor, surrounded by tilting stacks of old paperbacks. 382 more words

Books, Books, Books...

I'm All About That Bass...

You have to watch this music video!!! Seriously. Do it. I have had this ditty stuck in my head all week. It tickles my fancy on so many levels: British accents, fab dancing, a string bass, retro eyeliner, pink highlights, catchy lyrics…can whoever styled this video come style my life?


ABCs of Summer—Music

Isn’t music stunning? The range of instruments, genres, voices, emotions… It’s breathtaking. I love that a song can trigger memories, evoke different responses every time you hear it, play to each of our senses as it creates a scene of tension or euphoria or serenity. 366 more words

Music To My Ears

Taking stock

I’m on a new mission to WRITE REGULARLY, which I imagine will go much like my perpetual mission to EXERCISE MORE and BE NICER, ie. I’ll slowly build up my capacity to do these things over a few months, then lapse, then get cross with myself, then start again, although hopefully from a slightly better starting point than the last time. 353 more words

Music to My Ears: Brave or Grave

Brave or Grave is one of those songs that I’ll always remember, even as I encounter hundreds and thousands of other tracks along the way. It’s the music from the final boss fight against Shin M. 550 more words

Video Games

Music To My Ears, A Song Post- Hemorrhage (in my hands) By: Fuel

Today I have chosen Hemorrhage (in my hands) By: Fuel.

This song is music to my ears because:
I love this song as much as I did the first time I heard it over 10 years ago. 321 more words

Music To My Ears

Praying To St. Vincent

Tulsa native Anne Clark – St. Vincent – is no pop-tartlet kid, auto-tuning her way to Top-40 dance-pop success or anything like that. It shows in every move, note, lyric and guitar chord, doesn’t it? 73 more words