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Music to My Ears: Time's Scar

God, where do you even begin with Chrono Cross?

It’s not as bad as some people claim. It’s not as good as some people claim. (Gamespot gave it a perfect 10 back in the day!) It’s pretty much the definitive example of dichotomy in video games. 356 more words

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The Dreamer's Disease

Listening to tracks from your childhood are a sure-fire way to reignite the kid in you. “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals was one of those tracks that was addicting to the alt-rock lover I was then. 99 more words

Music To My Ears

The Decadent Cabaret

It’s around a dark corner, or at the end of an alley. It’s a not-so-secret place that only the decadent and the wannabe’s know about. It’s in the Rive Gauche in Paris, past the lofts in Soho, on the other side of the viaduct in the college towns. 120 more words

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Listening To: A Mixed Bag

Feeling lazy tonight, and might just feel lazy all weekend (if so, it will have been earned). Idle web browsing, blogging, and listening to: Ellen Foley’s… 50 more words

The Sounds Of Horror

Next time you’re snugglin’ up in a cozy chair on a stormy night to plunge into a really good horror novel, or to peruse (the umpteenth time) one of your cherished horror film books or magazines, mood music might enhance the experience. 309 more words


Blog Touch-Ups

First off: I love One Direction and I love string instruments. This is the perfect marriage of the two. Enjoy! (I am totally unembarrassed to admit that I know almost all One Direction’s music by heart and can even tell you which of them is singing. 91 more words


Tracing Footsteps.

C. J. Black.
Pushing in the half door it was as though I had accidently started the old gramophone in the corner of the small hallway – the tune followed me throughout the house. 465 more words

Gave The Sawdust A Shake Look What Fell Out