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T is for...

Timpani is the Italian name for kettle drums.  A tambourine has a membrane like a drum and rattles like a jingle stick.  I can remember playing a triangle at an early age.  96 more words


S is for...

S starts some more drums – side-drum and snare drum.  A steel band includes drums as well.

A spinet is a small harpsichord.  The keys on it have their colours reversed from a piano.  92 more words


Musical-Types, This One's For You...

So Rob ( http://weight2lose2013.wordpress.com ) and I were chatting it up this evening, and we got to talking about music and the stringed instruments that produce it. 154 more words

Random Thoughts

Happy Kids Make Silly Poses

Strike a silly pose! No problem, they’ll do it ~ because happy kids make silly poses.

This session was a blast, no kidding. Between setting my equipment and checking if all of them were alive and still on the shore (“sneaker” waves and rip currant present; I witnessed a little girl and her had struggle to make it to the shore), I managed to take a few good shots. 11 more words


A Man Figured Out How To Play Music With His Tattoo. Here's The Video Evidence.

A man named Dmitry Mozorov has figured out a way to make music from his tattoo. Yes, seriously, music from his tattoo! In an interview with Noisey… 210 more words


Ukulele Strap

For the cigar box ukulele I made I decided to make a strap out of paracord as well as a buckle and strap lock buttons out of wood. 35 more words

Musical Instruments