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The Shuffle Diaries - Part IV

One of the problems with running the Shuffle is that you don’t get to experience the event in it’s ideal form, wandering between the venues and cherry picking the acts that you want to see. 855 more words

Musical Musings

The Shuffle Diaries - part III

The Thursday of The Shuffle is when things really get moving. Not only did we have fringe events in the shape of live DJ’s playing at Baila, the new coffee and vinyl emporium that I harp on about all the time in these posts, but also the tribal, sci-fi sounds of Zetan Spore a psytrance outfit whose music wouldn’t be out of place in the space bar scene from Star Wars. 364 more words

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The Shuffle Diaries - Part II

The Shuffle has a number of what we refer to as fringe events, smaller stages that either lead  into the bigger events of the weekend or smaller gigs that take place in shops and bars alongside big band line ups to act as a breather for the punters and to promote what is going on elsewhere. 593 more words

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The Shuffle Diaries - Part I

There are a few links in this weeks Linking Inkings below that give you a bit of back ground to what The Swindon Shuffle is so without revisiting too much of the same territory here is a very brief overview. 310 more words

Musical Musings

"I Wanna Get Better," said Bleachers. (It can't, though, because it's pretty flawless.)

Jack Antonoff doesn’t make background music.

That isn’t a personal observation, but a conclusion arrived at after pegging Jack’s latest body of work, Bleachers, against an unapologetic declaration he made in his March 2014 interview with Buzzfeed: “God, just shoot me the day I start making music you can just put on in the car and have a conversation over it,” Antonoff said, adding he only wants to listen to music that makes him have “some kind of huge emotion.” 1,069 more words

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All the skinny on the Swindon Shuffle 2014

My column for the August issue of The Ocelot magazine was this, a two page preview of the mega Swindon Shuffle 2014. a slightly cheeky insert perhaps seeing as I am part of the team running the festival, but you take your breaks where you can get them! 1,061 more words

Musical Musings

Revisionist History: 1997

Welcome to Revisionist History, a weekly series where I document the music of each year of my life, from birth (1993) to present. This week: 1997,  1,980 more words