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2H/2M - Pumpkin Rhythms

Second graders have been learning to read and notate rhythms in music class.  They have been working so hard! Today they had to create a four beat rhythm and draw it on a pumpkin for our pumpkin patch.   66 more words


4D/4R - Tour of the States

Fourth graders are now learning about the United States and to read maps in social studies with Mrs. Rosenbleeth.  I was introduced to this great song called… 24 more words


4D/4R - Families of the Orchestra

Fourth grade has spent September/October learning about the different families of instruments.  The four families they learned about were STRINGS, WOODWINDS, BRASS, and PERCUSSION.  We read articles, watched videos, and listened to different instruments within the families.   68 more words



Last week was our first official week of band/string lessons! Fourth and fifth graders are EXTREMELY excited about beginning their new instruments.  Thank you for supporting their interest in learning an instrument.   44 more words


3S - Native American Music

Third grade has been learning about Native Americans in their classrooms with Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Simmons.  For the past three weeks we have been singing Native American songs and playing rhythmic stick games.   58 more words


The Truth Is Sometimes Harsh...

I’ve received a lot of advice over the years. And even though it may not look like it to people, I have taken the advice to heart and changed. 157 more words

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1Z - Instruments

Hooray for instruments! First graders have been working very hard this year in music! They have been practicing keeping a steady beat while singing, playing, and dancing.   75 more words