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5B - Ostinato Exploration

Fifth graders learned a new musical term today: OSTINATO.  An ostinato is a repeated rhythmic pattern.  I created a rhythmic pattern with five parts on the board.   134 more words


Artist Stamina...

equals Artist:

  • determination
  • courage
  • steadfast belief
  • steadily working through obstacles

Without the above, the harshness, directness, criticisms and more can kill artist’ spirit/being.  You’ve got to have a good sense of self.   80 more words

Artist Life Coaching

My workshops and curriculums...

are written from my Music/Arts experience. I am the only person teaching from my curriculums.

My workshops are designed to be inter-active. They are based on my method of teaching. 186 more words

Artist Life Coaching

4D/4R - Peer Gynt Suite: In the Hall of the Mountain King

We are full of Halloween spirit this week in music class!  This week fourth grade was told the eerie story of Peer Gynt.  We listened to the fourth movement of the Peer Gynt Suite No. 251 more words


2O - Pumpkin Rhythms

Second graders have been learning to read and notate rhythms in music class.  They have been working so hard! Last week they had to create a four beat rhythm and draw it on a pumpkin for our pumpkin patch.   66 more words


3W - Halloween

EKES students have been learning a short Halloween song this week.  Each student has a chance to keep a steady beat on the xylophones while the rest of the class sings and keeps the beat in their lap.   51 more words


KK - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Last week Mrs. K and Mrs. Roy’s kindergarten classes sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider with hand motions.  They were then introduced to a new instrument – the rainstick!   66 more words