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Bo Burnham's "Repeat Stuff"

This morning I watched a 5 minute class given by one of my classmates (SHOUTOUT, SEAN!) who “taught us” how to write a hit pop song. 129 more words


Unorthodox Instructionals, Part 3: Getting Even With Drummers

Louis Bellson’s ‘Modern Reading in 4/4 Time’ is a classic educational text for drummers. I was introduced to it by one of my tutors during my first term of music college as an accompaniment to the sight reading classes I was taking.Prior to starting my music degree I’d grown up almost exclusively on TAB and had never seriously read notation on the bass – needless to say it was a rude awakening… 526 more words


Dream light by Damien Kehoe

I came across this choral piece which I really enjoyed, and thought that many of you might, as well. It’s called Dreamlight, and it’s peaked my interest in finding out about other compositions that Damien Kehoe has.


Motivation and Progress in Music Lessons: Own Choice Practice Material

I would like to share a post from Noa Kageyama’s excellent blog with you.

It stresses the importance of (self-)motivation in the practice process; particularly what happens if a student chooses their own repertoire. 378 more words


Guitar Chord builder (cool website)

I found a website for guitar players that helps them hear what made up chords sound like while they’re writing. Tools like this are being created every day to help people utilize technology to make the songwriting process much more efficient. 66 more words


Addressing The Problem: "Live for the Future, the Past is History"

Has anyone heard any noise from the Jazz industry lately?

On social media local jazz venues continue to falsely portray that live jazz entertainment is a high priority for people in the city if D.C. 543 more words