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Make it fit

(a homework assignment, but a good review nonetheless)

Step 1. Describe your ideal teaching situation. Your dream job.

I want to teach music in a post-secondary level. 200 more words


My rig

Here’s my mixer and the box I custom built to lug everything around in. I built this to keep everything in it, so that when I get to a gig, everything is plugged in already, and all I have to do is run my snake to the stage (100 footer you can see in the bottom of the box) and run a plug. 84 more words


Find Something

So, here’s an example of a video of someone that is using the exact pedal I own (which I plan to use during our performance project) to create a variety of effects. 47 more words


A Suitable Interval

I have just read yet another interesting post from my friend, George Bevan, who is Director of Music at Monkton Combe School. This one is about how the piano is like a calculator, and I couldn’t agree more! 513 more words



What does this word mean?

…of or pertaining to a mechanism that represents data by measurement of a continuous physical variable, as voltage or pressure. 230 more words



Merriam Webster says that analog is “of or relating to a device or process in which data is represented by physical quantities that change continuously.” I’ve always defined it as being “not digital.” I kind of like my definition better. 391 more words


It’s Only Data – Except It Isn’t

Those old enough to know better get a wry smile and a sense of disquiet when they see pig headed generation Y’s and misguided millennials falling down a rabbit hole of no escape, with boundless, unconstrained enthusiasm.  1,052 more words