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Are you stumped by the 2/4 March?

This video is one of 4 that I made to teach people how to learn a 2/4 Competition Style March.  It’s the rhythm patterns that allude most people.  57 more words

Inquiry Project: Audacity (Benchmark 1)

There are multiple resources and options on the market when it comes to audio editors.  Programs such as Logic pro or garage band have become the mainstream options when it comes to select what program are you going to use to edit audio and for a good reason; they are awesome.   253 more words


Coursera Musicianship Classes!

Hey guys,

How’s it going?  So, I’ve been taking this free, online (sounds like a scam, huh? :/) class from Coursera that (so far) teaches basic music theory.   215 more words


First Post

The Story

“Okay, so where to begin? Well I started playing in Year 9 (13 Years old), gave up, continued playing in Sixth Form and now I find myself (year two) on a Popular Music Course slowly struggling but feeling progress. 604 more words


What is Audiobus?

What is Audiobus?

Description- Audiobus is a mobile application designed for the IPad. It is designed to allow multiple music/sound applications to work together on one platform. 406 more words


Musicianship - Cobbler Cobbler

I sing Jolly Music songs with my students from their very first piano lesson. The first song we do helps them understand pulse and subsequently crotchets (quarter notes). 562 more words


Using Jolly Music In Piano Lessons

I have been asked to describe how I use children’s songs and rhymes in my piano lessons. Which songs do I use? When and for what purpose? 199 more words