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Cover Project & Microphones

After doing some research, I found out how many different mics there are out there & which ones are best for vocals, instruments and so forth. 211 more words


Project Reflection 2

For our project we will be performing a song live in various styles. Of course we are all musicians and have primary instruments so some of us will be using those. 193 more words


A Whale of a Tale, and It's All True!

I have two marvelous gifts from my God and Savior – I am a musician, and I have this thing called Sensory Processing Disorder. They’re not the only gifts I have from Him, or the most amazing ones. 1,974 more words

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Project Reflection #1

A cover is a song that has been previously recorded and redone in a new musical style. Personally for me is a good cover would be doing some the original artist did not do. 109 more words


Project Reflection #1

What is a cover? What makes a good cover? What is your favorite cover?

The idea of a cover is simply a remake or the performance of a piece by someone other than the original performer. 463 more words


Ideas for Performing Live Project

  • Getting the whole class involved and assigning groups of people to either clap or do some type of body percussion
  • Instruments to use:
    • acoustic – …
  • 31 more words

Take: Creative Vocal Recorder App. ---> Vignette!

As Chloe walked to music class, she was raving to her friends about this new app, called Take, Creative Vocal Recorder. “Hey Nicole!” Chloe shouted to her friend from across the hall, “Check out this cool new app! 390 more words