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Instruments | Jingle Stick - The Movie

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Jingle Stick I built. It has been a lot of fun, especially jamming with my two sons. A few friends have also expressed an interest in building Jingling Johnny’s or Stumpf Fiddles, and so here is the video I promised last time. 153 more words


Solfa Challenge Level 1

I would like to introduce the first level of my Solfa Challenge.

All of my pre-Grade 1 students are working on one of the Solfa Challenge Levels. 544 more words


New Routine, New Sound, Happy Me

I tried to post this through my iPhone last night but until I get the app authenticated, I’ll have to use the desktop.

First things first, I’ve… 248 more words


About My Bass: The Hard (and Slightly Embarrassing) Struggle Towards "Musicianship"

A personal musical memoir, and a reflection of my childhood.

I. From Steve Miller Band to the Spice Girls and The Offspring.

My first cassette player was the Fisher Price player/recorder with the sing along microphone. 6,669 more words


Musical Literacy: Intervals

Here is the next music lesson: A short introduction to the theory and sound of intervals.

Hope you enjoy!


Rock 'n' Roll / Music


Bill Wyman of the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band is alleged to have said once, “I’m in the Rolling Stones, I don’t need to practice.”  He might have meant, We gig constantly, so I don’t need to play more than I do anyway, or he might have meant, I’m already successful, so why should I have to improve?   646 more words


Playing Music | Once more with feeling

Have you ever tried listening to classical music in the car? One thing you’ll immediately notice is you have to keep turning the music up and down to hear it over the noise of the road. 698 more words