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When Old Friends Become Drunk Idiots

It’s always a surprise when someone you’ve known for a really long time offers to make out with you, when they’re drunk. And a little awkward. 235 more words


i. I have a tendency to swing from one extreme to another, it always seem like all or nothing with me.

ii. I wonder if the universe is stepping in. 272 more words


3. In-Stream

Today I woke up, made myself a breakfast smoothie, and settled in for the daily dance event I was so looking forward to, the day long live stream of The Joffrey Ballet’s… 925 more words


This summer has been...

How has your summer been so far?  For us, this summer has been one with many multiple facets.  I can already tell it’s one I’ll look back on fondly. 256 more words

"if neither of us are married by (Enter age here), we should get married?!"

This post is sort of inspired by two different things, the first being a song i happened to be listening to at the time that spark of creativity hit me called… 887 more words


They tell me to get my head out of the cloud, stop being so dramatic. No, thanks. I like my constant state of dreaming. I love the thought that one day, I’ll find somewhere I belong. 417 more words


Accept the Anger, Accept the Pain

No matter how much I write about it, I will write about it again and again until it rings a reality to me.


This time I am going to accept the anger and the pain that I’m experiencing right now. 318 more words