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Tripping on Words

I went to the bank yesterday. I’ve naturally been going to the bank often, as most adults do, and the bank tellers have become familiar to me. 415 more words


If you’re reading this, I hope you had a great night. I hope your day was good, and work wasn’t too stressful. If you’re not working, I hope you spent the day doing something you enjoy. 76 more words


Lance WAS the best!

The Tour de France is over for another year, although professional bike racing continues.  When it’s Tour time, the subject of Lance Armstrong is never far away, at least for now, in these years close to his tumble from grace.  433 more words


Bleakness . . .

The world seemed to have jumped off the sanity tracks, and in the last few weeks or so it has done its best to damage the calm of most people.  1,182 more words

Writing Stuff

Five things

One. I haven’t kept up with documenting my nail adventures lately, but rest assured I’m still avidly collecting those little bottles. I’m debating whether or not I should buy an Ikea drawer to store them in some more of an orderly fashion than in a huge storage bin under my bed, but we’ll see how motivated I really get. 273 more words


A kick in the ass-

wanna know what a real kick in the ass is? when even your own sister won’t read the books you write.

the guy is still friends with her on facebook, and gives me updates on her now and again. 136 more words


It Was A Long Time Ago

The good memories have never betrayed. Sure he’s right, there not my friends anymore, but they did make me happy. They did bring me joy, and feel loved. 910 more words