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How Did You Get Here?

I just got off the subway after a topsy turvy day on Roosevelt Island with the boys and our small group of buddies.

It also happened to be the hottest day of “summer” on this second day of September, the day after Labor Day. 1,013 more words


7. One, Not Everything

In my uninspiring Creative Writing class today, I heard something that did inspire me! We were talking about poetry and how the importance of writing about one instance, one moment, one focus pretty much makes the entire poem a poem. 355 more words


Sunday Column: Good days in a season change

Ever had one of those perfect days? Where the sun is not too hot, and the clouds come at the right time and all of the things you want to do you do because somehow that voice in your head that is usually there nagging you about vacuuming and paying bills is just silent, quieted down enough for you to just live in the moment? 465 more words


Happy Runniversary!

Its been 2 years since I started running and realised it’s actually fun!

It seems tradition that I return to the place that made running come to life, and since this is a ‘rest’ day I took my camera and decide to part around lots. 63 more words


My Funny Is Gone. Maybe I Need A Tilt!

I’m not feeling too funny lately. My last few posts have been mostly laugh-free, despite my blog’s humorous intent.

It’s not hard to figure out why: 316 more words


Knowing The Purpose

I love those women who know that the greatest thing they will ever accomplish in life is to have and raise a child. Their confidence at this is inspiring. 468 more words

Why Do You Run? Part 8

I recall taking this picture.

I pulled over in my car, turned off the engine and sat in despare.

It took a while for that feeling of hopelessness and the questioning the reason for being alive. 88 more words