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It is Real

Knowing how much the idea of losing something cuts you deep down in the core and damn near destroys you truly shows you how much it means to you. 65 more words


Unreasonable Hope

Sometimes we have unreasonable hope. Not expectations, just hope. Sometimes we hold on so tight to the notion that we can keep in control of the matters which feel us most with happiness and joy. 64 more words



Would a moment of greater sadness diminish the troubles that arise, more than the moments of sadness that bring tears to our eyes? Could an expression of more than just words aid in how we cope, rather than provide a vast array of reasons for us to lose our hope?


The Night

The night is my sanctuary
The light is my prerequisite



I’m different, more so than you think. I’m nothing like you, nor my friends, nor my family, nor anyone else in the world. I don’t see the world in a way that many understand, although a select few do. 323 more words


“This is ridiculous, what am I doing here, I’m in the wrong story!”


time (a somewhat prosaic short essay)

Time is a thing of wonder, beauty even. We are traveling down its one way street, sometimes oblivious, sometimes we feel it’s passage deeply. And yet, after all these years, all this time, we still don’t take it at face value. 84 more words