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In The Books

From an early age you could find me with my head in a book.  However finding my head in a book because I fell asleep while doing some research isn’t typical, not for me. 245 more words

Thankful Thursday: November 27

Last year I was challenged to be thankful, and this year I brought it to my blog: Thankful for the little things, thankful for the big things, thankful for the ups and downs, thankful even when things didn’t go at all as I’d planned… Thankful, thankful, thankful! 417 more words


Throughout my life, I’ve always been a competitive person.

During elementary, middle and high school, I always had to have the highest grades (not so easy to accomplish in college). 872 more words


Whimsy of Gravity

The problem with Gravity is that it sucks and weighs you down.  It pins you and holds you down when all you want to do is float around. 125 more words

November 26 on November 27th

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Also tomorrow, happy birthday to the late Jimi Hendrix, if that’s appropriate, to the current Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, to Chauncey Grubbs (a girl with whom I went to high school), wherever she may be, and me. 8 more words


Please Hate Me

I’m terrified of kids.

But for some bizarre reason they seem to love me, which makes everything very uncomfortable. Last week my mom and I had dinner at Outback with her coworker and his 5-year-old daughter, Jade. 404 more words


What is Poetry?

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the dermatologist getting a check-up. The process went smoothly, until the doctor asked me:

“So what are you majoring in at school?” 418 more words