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Aching Head

Beloved can get horrible, almost migraine like headaches at seem to come out of nowhere. He has been the hospital in utter agony, begging for anything to end the pain. 412 more words

Things I Learned in College: Majors (40-D Challenge, Day 17)

Majors. Field of interest. Your specialization.

Whatever you want to call it.

It’s the stuff that blows¬†every first-year’s mind when entering higher education, driving one crazy late into the night: … 633 more words


Tiger Groom and Fox Bride Got Married Today

It drizzled on my sunglassed face today. Ellis and I were basking in this last gift of a bright and sunny fall day with temps in the 60s, playing with our friends in the park before lunch, nap, and picking up Hyung. 1,059 more words





Love is not lost on them, though to them yes.
Their trade in flesh is calculated to give pleasure
To those who find them important for moments… 18 more words


Home Sweet Home?

I’m convinced that the best decision I ever made was leaving my¬†backwoods rural town for a large university with a 40,000+ student body. Every now and then, however, I find myself back in that town and forced to reexamine my past through the broader lens that leaving has afforded me. 218 more words


Visaya terms in mainstream Filipino

Visaya terms in mainstream Filipino

Let me start by sharing a few facts:

The Philippines is a multilingual paradise. It has 185 languages, 4 of which are extinct. 409 more words


Here we go again

Past midnight on a school night no less, and I’m wide awake. I was baking chocolate chip cookies for work tomorrow, oops. Although this time to reflect got me thinking about how I haven’t blogged in a long, long time. 199 more words