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Super Powers With Strings Attached

I stumbled into the bedroom, flopped on the bed and for a few brief moments I debated just surrendering and giving in.  There is no shame in giving in, not to the cold that was going around.   195 more words

My Favourite... Spring!

As a month, November is my favourite, such clarity. But as a season, spring wins.

I love watching twigged briars plump out, regain their earthly shape and insipid grass return to luscious shades of green. 162 more words


Bus No. 11

10 Things I Like About You Pt 4: Bus No. 11

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R.Tolkien

I’ve been looking forward to this one.

631 more words

I'm 25 (Not really, but I will be soon and I'm feeling a little opaque about the whole damn thing).

I’m 25 and I’m still in school.

I’m 25 and I take classes with children.

I’m 25 and I’m still immature.

I’m 25 and I still make dumb choices. 196 more words


Wednesday? Really?

You just might be in too close a relationship with your insurance agent when you get an email payment reminder that reads, “Hey there little ditzy gal, don’t forget to pay that car insurance today and remember me when ya’ll dip those berries.” 212 more words


January 28 - Snow Day!

Okay, so it was yesterday. I live in a high rise in downtown Manhattan. I have no car, therefore no driveway and any walkways in my complex are shoveled by others long before I step into the cold brisk air. 842 more words


Emotional Cut

While she was cutting my hair into her latest creation, my stylist was telling me about her children.  She wasn’t pleased with them and it came across in the steady, sharp “snip” of the scissors.   234 more words