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Like water

Flowing life
moving so very quickly
to be born,
to meander through the journey
to reach the destination.
Life like water
washing in and out… 86 more words



I’ve always said my memory is faulty. I can’t remember the bad parts anymore, and even worse I’ve forgotten the good. I just remember the hopeful wishing and the tragic disappointment. 253 more words


Look Around

We forget so often just to take the time out to look up and look around.

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for much of my life and now have worked in San Francisco (or the City as well call it) for a few years. 239 more words



A lovely image comes to life.
for sixty days and sixty nights.
possibilities run wild,
wishful thinking of you and I.
Nighttime stories dim in daylight. 17 more words


Patience Sucks

If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

Fuck patience. Patience sucks.

Patience is the problem.


No, but seriously, Fear is the problem… 15 more words


Scam Artists

warm layers of wool
stolen by expert fleecers
poor sheep shiver

Galatians 6:7