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Staring at a Blank Page

Empty pages are both delightful and terrifying. They have so much potential. You could fill that page with anything, anything at all, whether good or bad. 228 more words


Too much?

Can there be too much sex in romance novels?

Yes, indeed there can be.  <Gasp!> Never thought you’d hear me say that, did you?  But alas, it’s true – there can be too much sex in a romance novel. 256 more words


Keeping one's balance

An opinion piece from last Sunday’s New York Times lambasted the planned return of the teaching technique balanced literacy to New York schools. I’m on the fence myself. 223 more words

Musings On Writing

Within The Dark Mind - Guest Post by M J Wesolowski

I’m pleased to welcome M J Wesolowski to my WordPress this week. He is a horror writer

who has had success with his short fiction and has recently released his first novella… 1,191 more words

Musings On Writing

What Your Writing "Should" Look Like...or Should It?

This is what we all wish our art looked like, isn’t it? Pretty…orderly… with a great title attached to it… I mean, Red Poppy Cafe… 403 more words


Steel under Silk

The importance of strong female characters in romance novels

If you read enough romance novels, you are bound to come into contact with one of my least favorite tropes – the overly helpless heroine.   352 more words

Musings On Writing