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Draping The Pain

The worry

Wrapped around her

Draping her

Suffocating her

She curled up into herself

Willing the pain

The confusion

To stop its slow toruture

Of her senses

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I picked the title “Tales of Poo” for this blog, because of how much it fits the sort of things I plan to write about here. 325 more words


Stage Left

He leads you follow, he dreams you borrow,
He works you burrow and what is the point of this?
Trying to be more than useless?
87 more words


Six Years

So quiet. Even after all these years.
Time has not broken the silence.
The silence that cloaks your body. Your existence. Keeps you wrapped up tight. 396 more words

Relapse musings

I use to think it was the hardest thing in the world to put myself back together and then keep it that way…
Keeping it together was easy… 230 more words

Such faith in the next generation. Only not.

**** I apologise for the language used in this post.. but ‘nice’ language wasn’t going to suffice.

I rolled my eyes when I saw I had one message under the ‘ 1,174 more words

Who I Am

Sexy biped cheating off my test

Because everything that you are is in me,
So I reflect only heavenly things,
and I would never neglect whatever is true
and the natural essence of you… 14 more words