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Sentimental joyrides - An ode to Grey's Anatomy

I began watching the show in the 11th grade. Yes. I think it began in 2005. I remember being so moved by every scene and line and episode.

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Thank God For The Manga

So it’s that time of year again: the weather is turning; uni is starting up; and yep, you guessed it, illness is in the air. 459 more words


NaNoWriMo Prep

Well, it looks like I caught the bug too! I always enjoying NaNoWriMo and even though things have been insanely busy, it seems I can’t escape the excitement of NaNo coming around the corner. 50 more words


Day 108... sorry, balloons, you just didn't have enough options for this blogging course...

So I was SUPER happy with my balloon theme and was blissfully ignoring the whole “widget” block of assignments, but God bless Blogging 101, they just kept GOING with the tech stuff, so I broke down and picked a theme that supports all the “behind the scenes” things they are wanting us to try… I even cleverly retitled all my widgets (which are now in a convenient sidebar…you’re welcome) like we were supposed to do several assignments ago. 210 more words


Hotel Sex

There was a time when the sexiest my bedroom got was, “Hey, wanna turn off Nightline.”

Not exactly the steamy erotic life I’d imagined during our energizer bunny days of early dating. 306 more words


The Tinder Chronicles : A Digital Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a young woman who lived all alone in a great castle. The young (and fabulously attractive) woman was the sole ruler of her kingdom, and while she loved the freedom and independence that her position afforded her, she sometimes looked at the bright shiny throne next to hers, and wondered if it wasn’t time to seat someone in it. 923 more words


evidence for the existence of invisible things that leave no physical trace

Logically and scientifically speaking it takes as much evidence to prove there is no god than that there is one.

On a short lurk today, I stumbled across this sentence in the comments section of a post.

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