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Learning CSS/HTML5 with CodeSchool

Life has been an uncontrollable whirlwind of uncertainty, at least in my head, in the past 2 weeks and I have not been able to update this as much as I would like (I’m gunning for weekly updates). 500 more words



I formed Red F Tech Consulting, in April of 2011, three years ago and I have never really done anything public facing with it. I am a tech consultant, I have a steady client that keeps me very busy, sometimes a little too busy and I have managed to find time to have other clients, sometimes those projects went well, sometimes they didn’t, it happens. 639 more words


Troll Attacks

A beautiful thought:

A warning for my regular readers. I request my regular readers to read this post once to set my conscience at ease.http://mycybernovels.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/a-note-for-all-readers-please-read/

Sharmishtha (trisha ) Basu

Storms Fury

With a final long rumble of thundering skies the sun has returned to the sky, a sea of droplets upon the world become prisms, star bursts in daylight. 107 more words


OD/6W/OM - Day 2

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Disappointing day trip.


Peach State says: Oh Happy Day!

Today we, my hubby, 2 sons and I, traveled to the military base where my now 21 year old is stationed. He has 2-12 hour passes this weekend!!! 302 more words

Just Between Cousins

Year End Update (of sorts)

So it’s been a year since I started this writing blog (well, technically speaking it’s been a year day-wise since I started this writing blog to commemorate the anniversary of ┬ámy writing the short story that sparked the series saga I am attempting to shape and write) and thus far I’ve had an interesting time thinking up topics and quasi-random musings every week. 457 more words

Writing Process