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What will our newborn need?

My wife, our unborn daughter and I spent an interesting hour or so at a baby store on the weekend and it dawned on me. Hardly anything there is for the baby, it is all for the parents. 372 more words


The madeleines of friendship

Well, I was going to title this post “Proust comes to Vermont,” but that wasn’t quite accurate.  Instead I was the one who came to Vermont last month, flying across the country to visit my dear friend Rachel, who I hadn’t seen in many years. 1,064 more words

Let's face it, scientists: Some genes are meant to be folded

It was 14 years ago this week that the bucardo mountain goat became extinct after a tree fell on the last of its species in northern Spain, prompting scientists to ponder the age-old question: 545 more words


A call.

I got a call from JPM&C today, the person on the other end said that they had received my application, she then proceeded to ask me some preliminary questions on my personal info and background, and tomorrow I will be having a 2-hour interview. 91 more words


Wishful Thinking

It’s happening. After months of contemplation, I have finally mustered up the courage to take a leap of faith and venture out into the unknown. 283 more words


A View As Vast As Space

“Although my view is as vast as space, when comes to the nature of actions and their consequences, I am extremely precise, like little particles of flour.” (Or sand.)

~Guru Rinpoche


Castaway - A poem of acknowledgement

Cast aside



Blinded by the



searching for the obscured

of a

hope deferred.

Longing for a reward

toiled for,

only to be foiled. 12 more words