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On Anomie and the Utility of Faith

Anomie. I was taken by the word the first time I heard it, a little before I came to understand what it meant. It was in a sociology class, that dreaded first period where being tardy meant losing attendance, that much valued life blood of every student ever since the enforcement of the new exam rules, and where one had to exercise a great deal of skill (and possess a high degree of luck) to successfully slumber through the lecture. 1,080 more words



Just some reflections for the first month of the year.


My wife is a mind reader - I think it's a sign

In (gosh, now I need to think) early January 2006, I got my 4th tattoo.  It was on my right ankle, while on holiday in Australia.  563 more words

Who I Am


She rolls over and says, “I can’t sleep.”

The rain outside just won’t calm me

Her worries wake her as they do most

The same things that trouble others trouble her… 153 more words


AIB Roast of Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor - My thoughts

A lot is being made of the  AIB Knockout: The Roast of Ranveer SIngh and Arjun Kapoor,  that was premiered on You Tube on 28th January. 462 more words


If we were honest, we would all be authors

Happy new year !!!

No? too late? ok Happy end to the first month of a slightly old 2015:)

Time has gone by so fast, this month especially I haven’t gotten completely used to adding the 5 at the end when writing out dates I am still stuck on 4. 390 more words


Pursue meaning, not happiness

With a rueful look and wistful eyes, my mom apologized to me. She felt sorry because our family circumstances has led me to be the breadwinner, supporting our needs for more than eight years now. 495 more words