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Progress #07

There is a great deal of progress that has a very positive impact on the common good. Unfortunately these improvements are overshadowed by the mainstream Medias’ drive for ratings and profits – in essence the entertaining industry, which includes the news and cable channels. 190 more words


6.5 weeks away

The St. George Marathon is in 45 days (I was totally going to write a post when it was 49 days and thus seven weeks away, but that didn’t happen). 340 more words


I hear it.

What do you know about people?
Double up, double down,
Deep unflinching words,
Do you hear the sound?

Deep unflinching words,
Don’t care who it hurts, 239 more words


Ferguson: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Privilege

I haven’t done an in depth post here on Ferguson because I wore myself out early last week when I went posting crazy on tumblr and Facebook. 850 more words


When First Base is as Good as a Home Run

Joel Lurie Grishaver

It all started with the word “engagement.” As soon as it was on the table—we began adopting a policy that less can be much more. 1,187 more words


B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar passed away today. His influence on the practice of yoga, especially as we know it in the West, is truly immeasurable. If you don’t know him too well and you have the time, I highly recommend Google searching his most memorable quotes to get a feel for his immense wisdom. 44 more words


Dear Wednesday…

Dear Wednesday,

Web site stuff is pretty much a pain no matter how slice it, isn’t it? Too bad you couldn’t warn me…


(20 August 2014)