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living vivaciously through the happiness of others


Get Out Of Hell Free

When did you last hear a fundy quote Christ?
They'll quote Revelations 'til Hell turns to ice
And Isaiah and Paul, Leviticus too,
But quoting their King? 242 more words


Turning unfinished soul business into gold

This summer I got this full time job and it had provided much for my root chakra.

Money, security, and confidence are a few of the perks of living in the workforce. 473 more words


Blank rockets in flight

The space between clouds

- Without so much as a clue

Never gets bumrushed by crowds;

 Negative space, oh so blue

Still, even paper’s two-sided… 50 more words


The fair, part I.

Saturday night, eight of us decided to go to the state fair. We didn’t have a ride, so I rented a WeCar, but Phil had the card so we had to get it from him. 749 more words


The spectre of change; turning the beast into beauty

I can see on the horizon that my life of retirement, set in my ways, easy and breezy is about to be upended by changes, and this is how I seem to view what is ahead: 245 more words