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The Subtle Art of Going Nowhere

It is difficult to face subverted expectations.

There are times in life where we manage to anchor ourselves to a concept. There is some kind of thought that we cling to and know that “no matter what else changes, this is set in stone.” By such markers we set our headings. 1,127 more words


(WBC #2) 50 - Trading Places/Gass and Mirrors

Still behind. Still playing catch up. Still on pace to make it past the challenge for end of year 2. It’s been quite the year, quite the 52 weeks. 474 more words


The Longest Night of the Year (On Fire)

Just a few nights ago, a revelation and a validation
Back and forth between two barred bags of thought
Two people, two poems, two fabled half-truths… 174 more words


Cultural Appropriation, Hip-Hop, and an Asian Kid with a Wu-Tang Clan Album.

I stayed up last night listening to Malcolm X speeches. Although I don’t whole heartedly agree with everything that Malcolm X has said, I admire his ability to command attention and evoke passion into himself and his listeners. 1,533 more words


Sober Holidays, Take Two

The Holidays are hard on addicts. All of us. No matter our past drug(s) of choice, this time of year finds us surrounded by fellow human being indulging in substance abuse in celebration of a year ending, a year beginning. 1,000 more words


Venice's new adventures in journalism

I’m excited to announce that this month, I joined The Seattle Globalist as an editor. I’ll be writing original stories and editing freelancers and contributors. To contact me there you can email me at… 111 more words


That kind of couple

                A few weeks ago, I was in a bar and my friend exclaimed about me and my boyfriend “you were just so lucky to find each other when you were young!” And it completely took me off guard. 388 more words