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To Be Brave Enough

” The truest form of bravery and courage is to wake up every single day … and to be ourselves.”

- quote from actress Shailene Woodley, whilst receiving a Teen Choice award.



Sometimes getting back to “reality mode” “can be difficult. Case in point-Monday night. Dave worked all weekend, I drove back on Sunday. I spent yesterday going to the grocery store, going to the dry cleaners, going to the bank, and going to Sam’s Club. 373 more words



the spirited child chose the galloping black horse
the shy child chose the painted blue seats
the father chose the smallest horse for his daughter… 57 more words

(Multi-photo)*** Perhaps, in a quantum oriented, holistic cosmos...


Perhaps, in a quantum oriented, holistic cosmos… the web of time need not always be based merely on limited, standard patterns based on sequential cause and effect occurrences.  54 more words


points to ponder ~ exlovers

Why are old lovers able to become friends? Two reasons. They never truly loved each other…or they love each other still.
― Whitney Otto, ‘How to make an American Quilt’


The past defines us

This is the first day of the rest of your life…(attributed to no one in particular, but emerged as 1960’s street wisdom). So, what does that really mean? 52 more words