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To each his own, so does the saying goes. We choose what’s best for us.

For a day of online surfing, there are some social media services that can make you busy. 241 more words


Osprey Baby News!

That’s right! Those of you who have followed my adventures in the nearby nature reserve will remember that about a month ago I witnessed a… 158 more words


Are happiness and fulfillment mutually exclusive?

I stumbled across this fascinating article by Emily Esfahani Smith: There’s more to life than being happy

In it she talks to Roy Baumeister who’s research seems to indicate that the pursuit of meaning is what makes us all uniquely human. 288 more words


If You Want a Life, Don't Read This

Among all the rabbit holes on the internet, there are a few I find especially deep.

If you are looking for ways to consume hours with no sense of time’s passage, I recommend that you: 123 more words



I am sitting on a couch next to my offspring, whose fingers whir across a keyboard imperceptibly fast, his thoughts coalescing into words for an essay that will form the foundation for his future adult self. 149 more words



The silt in this muddy glass we’ve been stir stir stirring
has finally begun to settle. It simply needed for stillness,
and a regular portion of gravity. 201 more words


Your Mamma Said: Wash Your Hands

We’ve known for a while that there are a lot of bugs on toilet handles, shopping carts and money but wow, now we have the details — about what’s on money — and it ain’t pretty: 146 more words