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Fearless Living and Perseverance

At last, long shifts finished, my daughter sound asleep and I am in bed with my laptop, browsing my favourite blogs and just relaxing. I have not had the time for this kind of luxury for a while now. 742 more words

Other Stuff


Here is a little update and apologies most probably a nostalgic reminiscence, that does have a point, hopefully.

This begins rather simply with; I got a hair cut on Tuesday. 1,002 more words


Learning Chinese

It’s been 2 months learning Chinese on a language institution. Well, The Hanzi(s)(chinese characters) are so many. There are up to 90000 character in chinese, 1500-5000 words are common ones. 458 more words



When it was netball season at school, sometimes we would play Versatility. In netball, there are seven positions on a team, and in a game of versatility, every time a goal is scored, we have to swap our positions round. 538 more words

Self Immolation: A Reality

The world seems to look away and ignore the fact that more than 125 people have taken part in self-immolation protests within Tibet; an act of sacrifice where Tibetans have chosen to set themselves alight. 87 more words



A mind wanders to Cornwall every so often, as mine does now. I am imagining breakfast with a certain group of people, some of which might read this, and of those, some may read this contemptuously. 672 more words


Why We Love Celebrity Memoirs

I think most people would agree that the appeal of memoirs lies in the worlds they take us to and the struggles of people who may or may not be like us. 335 more words