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Hey Bill Maher, Most Muslim Americans See No Justification for Violence

But didn’t we know that already?


According to a Gallup report from 2011, Muslim Americans are the biggest opponents of attacks on civilians. As a matter of fact, only Muslims rejected attacks on civilians at a high rate. 285 more words


(Part 6 - continued) Funny, you don’t look like a . . .

In this blog post, I continue the previous posts (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6),

which I started when I wondered what stereotype I fit that would cause someone to think that I would welcome anti-Muslim emails. 326 more words

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NYC Rallies Against $100K Anti-Islam Ad Campaign

Dozens of elected officials, faith leaders and hate crime victims gathered in front of the steps of New York City hall Tuesday to publicly condemn terrorist organizations and denounce “Atlas Shrugs” blogger Pamela Geller’s anti-Islam ad campaign, coming this week to NYC buses and subway stations. 845 more words

Video: Fox News Calls For Racial Profiling of Muslims in US. Apparently, the Constitution Doesn't Apply to Muslims

In the video below, Fox News calls for racial profiling and the blatant violation of Muslims’ Constitutional rights, particularly in relation to the 4th and 14th Amendments… 393 more words


Someone Remove Muslim-Hating John Bennett from Office

Oklahoma state Representative John Bennett’s  statements are more horrible and significant than press coverage indicates.

Last week, Bennett spoke to a hundred of his constituents.  602 more words


Rule of Engagement With Extremists

Rule #1

Don’t help them magnify their message.
“Never pass the megaphone to the Heckler”

Rule #2
Deny them dignity
“The “so-called leader” of these fanatics”. 180 more words

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