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Live By Blasphemy, Die By Blasphemy


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While We Question Charlie, Let's Question Ourselves Too!

While righteous anger when the Prophet ﷺ is mocked or insulted is integral to faith, we Muslims need to invest greater efforts into adhering to the actual obligations and duties instated by faith – be it in our acts or worship; our ethics and behaviour; our relationships; or our social contracts and transactions. 1,086 more words

Politics & Society

Freedom of Expression or Right to Offend?

Let’s be clear, I am Muslim and I strongly denounce this horrible killing by lunatic Muslim extremists by means of their blind faith to avenge the prophet’s cartoon against the cartoonist of satirical magazine. 692 more words

Charlie Hebdo

Imam expresses concern about rapid increase in Muslim converts since terrorist attack in Ottawa

According to an article in the National Post, there has been a sharp increase in people converting to Islam since the terrorist attack on Canada’s House of Commons in Ottawa this past fall. 232 more words


The Cowardly Attacks in Paris

There is no better way to describe the terrorist attacks in Paris than to note that the attackers were cowardly barbarians. They may have thought they were defending the honor of Mohammed but what they were doing in fact is besmirching the honor of Allah. 342 more words

The Battle for British Islam

Any representation of the divine that leads people to murder each other deserves the maximum possible disrespect. — Giles Fraser, Parish Priest

The second of the Ten Commandments prohibits graven images – which is why there are no pictures of God in Judaism or Islam. 823 more words

Human Rights

Global Terrorism?: Oh ya, we saw that coming

In 1993, Samuel P. Huntington, a Harvard Professor wrote a controversial and disturbing paper that was printed in the Journal, “Foreign Affairs” in which he outlined the consequences of the western push to a culture of universality… 445 more words