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The first 'Amaanah'...

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful. 

As a young father, I recall the feeling of maturity and a sense of responsibility at the birth of our 2 kids. 229 more words

The Status of Women in Islam

The Status of Women in Islam


The status of women in society is neither a new issue nor is it a fully settled one. 4,809 more words


How Wearing a Veil Opened My Heart

by Jean Gendreau

No one forced me to do it. My Muslim father in law’s only comment was that the Q’uran clearly says that Christians, Jews and Muslims are brother and sister, so there was no need for me to convert. 904 more words


Hongkong Hotel near Halal Restaurants


Me and my boys (Hubby and son) are planning on a trip to Hongkong this December. So we did alot of research on halal and child-friendly hotel in Hongkong. 334 more words

Halal Travel

Assalamualaikum World!

I have been travelling to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia as well as London… alone! But I never have any problem in finding food, shelter and place to pray because I am alone and I can take care of myself. 90 more words

Halal Travel

20+ Gift Ideas For Toddlers

It is very important for toddlers to engage in sensory play- they should be able to feel different textures, see a variety of colours and shapes, etc.
289 more words


Blessed are those...

Subhan’Allah, Allah makes it very easy for us to ask for forgiveness and to better ourselves as Muslims. For instance, in Islam there are certain days where if one fasts, the sins are forgiven; therefore, why not take this opportunity, and ask for forgiveness by fasting? 66 more words