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Bill Maher - Islamaphobe and Proud

When one looks casually at the social/political spectrum they often observe that those who are most tolerant, welcoming and have a more balanced perceptive on global affairs are those who sit on the left or aka liberals. 981 more words

Hijri Year, so related with our daily life of Hijrah

As Muslims around the world celebrate the Hijri New Year, everyone is focused on remembering and telling the story of Prophet Muhammad’s migration from Makkah to Madinah and the hardships he had to endure in the preparations and on the way. 561 more words


Popular Muslim personality: ‘Jesus Christ is among us’

Could it be that a great leader will emerge in Turkey who, with the help of mysterious Islamic spirit beings, will convince the world’s Christians to become… 400 more words

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Creators vs Creation

As global powers have geared up against ISIS better known as Islamic State, as a common man one tends to think how time passes and things change. 215 more words

A Lifetime of Muslim Extremism

Sam Harris collided with Ben Affleck recently on Bill Maher’s show. Affleck accused Harris of being racist and presenting opinions that are ugly while discussing the behaviour of what Maher called the “Muslim World”. 3,047 more words