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Why is the United Arab Emirates secretly bombing Libya? What is the current situation in Libya ?

Sources: theguardian.comndtv.com, middleeasteye.netel-balad.com, reuters.com

The United Arab Emirates, a small wealthy Gulf state, has been secretly bombing targets in Libya, from bases in Egypt without the knowledge of the US ad Guardian.com revealed.  805 more words

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Islamic State : An Utopian State Or A Response to Western Invasions

The Emergence of islamic state in turmoil hit Iraq and syria was an expected outcome of Arming people with guns and weapons, Just a year ago, British Parliament discussed whether to arm Syrian rebels fighting  Basshar Al Asad ”The Hitler of Syria ”, Entire Christian world sympathized with Syrian who were being Massacred . 410 more words

FAIR, UN Torture Report: ABC See US as Victim, Washington Post Uses Euphemisms and more

 “ABC Makes US the Victim in CIA Torture Report Story” and “Washington Post Does Not Call It Torture When We Torture”

By Jim Naureckas 1,758 more words
Military Madness

Another century, another long war

Tuesday, 21 October 2014   By: Peter Leahy

     Another century, another long war – PDF (335.4 KB)

Australia is involved in the early stages of a conflict that may last for the rest of the century and potentially beyond. 270 more words

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Where is the "Muslim World?" | Professor Tony McEnery

What is the Muslim world? At TEDxLancasterU, linguist Tony McEnery argues that this phrase, which was used 11,000 times in articles discussing Islam written from 1998 to 2009 by the British press, highlights an unsettling trend in the media — using language that characterizes Muslims as violent and unusual — a trend that, as he shows, has a long history and he asks us to change. 92 more words


The Myth of the Caliphate

The Political History of an Idea

By Nick Danforth  November 19, 2014

Abdulhamid II, who would become one of the last Ottoman sultans and caliphs, as a prince in 1867. 2,056 more words


To Be Literate

By Sema Hasan ’18

To what extent do cultural traditions and history affect the access young women have to literacy in Pakistan?

Professor Carl F. Kaestle of Brown University once wrote that “without writing, human consciousness cannot achieve its fuller potentials.” With this statement, Kaestle emphasizes how vital reading and writing are for, as he states, a tool for one to engage in critical thinking and questioning, and offers a way for individuals to “achieve full potentials.” Reading and writing have always been a way to communicate, but for centuries women have struggled for the right to obtain this basic skill. 5,604 more words

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