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Israeli Military Not Immune to Budget Cuts

I apologize for taking such a long break from posting on this blog. Between my work on the Hill, trying to write a book, and keeping some semblance of a social life, things kind of got away from me. 775 more words


On Getting hit from behind (By a Car)

So my car was hit last night, bumped actually.  And in a strange way I am a little shaken up about it. I was turning in a turning lane that the person behind me decided should be a two car turning lane. 449 more words

Personal Reflections

A Real Love Story

“Aisha the female student from Al Azhar was detained by the junta, her husband Fathy was campaigning for her outside of prison setting an example on how a true lover should be out there for his loved one, but then the junta arrested him too, and then the rest of the country was campaigning for the couple. 43 more words

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Only In Pakistan!

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes… no, you didn’t misread either! … Babies are accused of such conspiracies in Pakistan!

It is ironic that this child has appeared in court, whilst women and children that suffer all sorts of violence and mistreatment, rarely make it to the doors of Pakistani courts! 137 more words

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Origami workshops in one unusual park

It has been such an inspiring day spent in origami classes, Ikebana workshops (the art of Japanese flower arrangements) and observing the ritual of the Japanese tea preparation, right from the green tea powder. 154 more words

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Have you heard of Mayada Ashraf?

Likely chances are you haven’t heard about her.  She is a 22-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.

Egyptian military-controlled media have been trying to cover up the reality of the murder of the young female journalist, Mayada Ashraf, who was shot dead with a live bullet fired at her by a police sniper on Friday while she was covering an anti-coup protest. 103 more words

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