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What The Hell Is This "RADICALIZATION" Anyway?!

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Re: the "Radical" vs. "Moderate" islam pretense: TheRadicalIslamitis While not all Germans were Nazis, and not all Italians are Mafiosis, not all white guys are Hell's Angels, and not all Arabs are muslims, still: ALL Nazis WERE NAZIS, ALL Mafiosis ARE MAFIOSIS, ALL Hell's Angels ARE HELL'S ANGELS, and ALL muslims ARE MUSLIMS! The pretense is that they're NOT! And as long as "our Leaders" insist on mainatining this cowardly pretense - that islam ISN'T really islam and that not all muslims ARE muslims, we have already lost to the criminals' savage barbarian indoctrinating culture, BY Submitting to its main extortive lie and alibi-excuse: That islam is a religion, and thus also that "God" told them to commit their 'holy' crimes against us! Isn’t it strange how “extremist,” “fundamentalist,” and “radical” are all oxymorons? If one is extremely fundamental to the core message of the source texts, then how can one also be “radical” (divergent to it)?! Here’s the only real “difference” between “radical” and “moderate” muslims: “Radical” muslims want to murder us (for not being muslims). “Moderate” muslims want “radical” muslims to murder us (ditto). ;-) Get it, yet?! And why is this? Simple! In Judeo-Christian lore, if one commits suicide, (much less by, or when, also trying to murder others,) one learns that one is destined for Hell. But the criminal Qur’an tells it’s Submissive “muslim” dupes that, if and when they’re feeling down, they can instantly get to Heaven itself BY randomly murdering others! So it’s obviously islam itself which causes any and all “radicalization!” The only pretended “mystery” is why more rank-and-file muslims aren’t already “radicalized:” it’s simply because they’re still somewhat ignorant of what’s written in the Qur’an concerning

Allah’s ultimate expectations of them.

ALLAH2 Here’s how and why any and all “Radicalism” and “radicalization” occurs in islam: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzmyuCXS2sTdZDcxYTA1YzYtOWJmNS00YzNmLWI4YTMtNjRiNDRmMDExYzg3/edit?pli=1&hl=en (Official ‘Abrogation’ of all the semi-peaceful verses in the Qur’an)! In handy web-based .PDF format! Bottom line: there are no “moderate” muslims, simply because there is no “moderate” islam! So, why are “our leaders” and their pet enemedia lying to us all the time about this?! Here’s what’s really going on: Although it’s true that not all Germans were Nazis, not all Italians are Mafiosis, not all whites are Hell’s Angels, and not all Arabs are muslims – it IS nevertheless true that all Nazis WERE nazis, all Mafiosis ARE Mafiosis, all Hell’s Angels ARE Hell’s Angels, and ALL MUSLIMS ARE MUSLIMS! The politically correct pretence du jour is to pretend that: NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE MUSLIMS!’ And each of our so-called leaders wants to maintain this false right to remain irresponsibly wrong, to metaphorically kick this can down the road, to serve only their own selfish careers at our direct expense!!!! They so-desperately want to lie to themselves and to us, hoping (while expressing this falsely hopeful opinion as fact, which is to lie) that "Most muslims are peaceful and so can and will contribute economically to our tax-base" - just as their lowest-common-wage demanding corporate sales-master owners have promised them. But it's not true! In all the studies done in all the European countries, muslims self-segregate and economically contribute absolutely nothing to their host societies, while simultaneously draining the tax-base by welfare jihad, demanding and getting their allah-mandated jizya tribute from us! So in reality, every sales-puppet politician's future careers - and LIVES! - are in stead directly threatened endangered just like the rest of us, and damaged by the muslims' inherently seditious presence in our society. And, like it or not, so are the short-sighted corporate globalist oil-bankster's own ultimate bottom lines! ;-(

"Here's How I Chose Peace."

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