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Netanyahu’s Truth in a Den of Lies | FrontPage Magazine

Netanyahu’s Truth in a Den of Lies | FrontPage Magazine.

What was the original purpose of the United Nations?

The United Nations even granted the charter for the formation of the nation of Israel.   30 more words

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How to Greet Muslim Friends for Eid Al Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice)


They are in their Friday best, though it is Tuesday! Many of the men are dressed in their traditional garments of their country and are greeting each other. 290 more words


Are Atheism and Islam Religions?

Neither Atheism nor Islam are, in my mind, religions. A religion, apart from the obvious devotion to a deity, suggests efforts to convert others to your religion. 364 more words


SR 325 - Why Obama Missed ISIS

Bill Still, Sep 30, 2014

What you won’t read in the New York Times.

War On Terror

Open Letter to the President

I am an American who is writing this letter to the man who claims to be the President of the United States. So that you are not confused as seems so often to be the case, I am ashamed that you represent my once great Nation. 2,728 more words


The Wall of Separation

The rancorous presidential election of 1800 brought religion to the forefront of public debate and had lasting repercussions for the relationship between church and state. 1,694 more words


Muslims STOP apologizing for the sins of people who call themselves Muslim

Stop it now!!  No other group, nation, tribe, religion has borne the burden of the infamy of a small fraction of its associates like Muslims.  No group of people has had to explain the actions of people they don’t know except tangentially as Muslims have had to do and despite their explanations and protestations not have their exposition accepted. 546 more words