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The Repenting Sinner's House

It has been two years since the day my little brother came to this world. I haven’t been same ever since. When I see him I not only see his early days when he was a baby I also see my transformation in him. 427 more words


To be Human is to Move...Salam Maal Hijrah 1436H

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful.

 This is a beautiful article I read today. A perfect sharing for the new journey we will begin tomorrow. 209 more words


Jenis Bahan Cotton Combed dan Carded

Ini jenis bahan yang jadi andalan buat distro-distro. Bahan ini ada dua jenis besaran yaitu Cotton Combed serta Cotton Carded. Untuk Cotton Combed… 171 more words

Busana Remaja

Pentingnya Berbusana Menutup Aurat Bagi Remaja Muslim

Begitu cepatnya budaya asing (seperti film,musik,mode berpakaian,mode rambut,gaya hidup atau life style,tarian,dsb) mempengaruhi remaja saat ini. Etika berpakaian pun tidak dihiraukan lagi. Padahal fungsi dari… 267 more words

Busana Muslim

Follow Up to Yesterday's Post...

As-salamu alaikum =)

So, after I read the wonderful post that I reblogged yesterday (this one here), I was thinking about the whole idea of showing people the true nature of Islam, and who we are as Muslims, and then I ended up reading… 514 more words


Struggles of a muslimah living in a westen culture

As my followers may already know, I live in London, United Kingdom which means that I obviously don’t live under Sharia law. I am surrounded by non-Muslims on a daily basis and have friends which are non-Muslims. 314 more words