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Pengajian Muslimah Bagus dari DR Syafiq Reza Basalamah

Bumi IslamKetika seseorang wanita, sebagai anak, dia dapat tiket syurga pertama ialah kedua orang tuanya. Ketika dia sudah menikah, ada perubahan besar yang sudah dialaminya. 40 more words


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Glass half full

So I’ve been feeling a bit sick today and mom brought me dinner, a bowl full of pasta topped with cucumbers, and pause; my first thought was… 132 more words


How Not To Flirt ●

Post taken from -
       ” The Muslim Girl “

There are lots of how-to guides out there that tell people how to flirt. This is not one of them. 754 more words


Change Takes Time

Changing oneself is not easy, it takes a lot of time. People are not like cars where there is a mechanic who is able to piece the broken parts together in a matter of hours or days and give you an improved version. 233 more words


Nasihat Emas Untuk Kita -Wanita-

Wahai para wanita…tahukah anda bahwa:

(1) Semakin banyak pandangan lelaki yang tergiur denganmu semakin bertumpuk pula dosa-dosamu.

(2) Semakin sang lelaki menghayalkanmu…semakin berhasrat denganmu maka semakin bertumpuk pula dosa-dosamu. 117 more words


Eid ♡

Hello Darlings!

Firstly, wanted to say a HUGE Eid Mubarak!

We have ended the holy month of Ramadhan.. where we have all inshAllah learned new things, good things which can be implemented in our daily lives..ameen! 72 more words