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Someone's Hiding Something

Yes, these were really arranged like this on the tide line. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the jingle shell’s secret.

One Green Bubble

It is amazing how frustrated one can become when the network goes down or becomes flaky. Makes me even happier to post a peaceful photograph today.

Seafoods 5: Mussels (淡菜)


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Braising pork with dried mussels in broth produces a dish with incredible umami. Remove the innards of the mussel and one can make a good wine flavoured stir-fry with the reserved flesh [1].

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Small animal makes a big dish

Mussel is maybe a strange think for many people but here in Vietnam, specially, in the Central region, it plays an irreplaceable role. Mussel is a typical dish. 177 more words


Mussels in white wine broth

I never knew how truly delightful mussels are were until the first time I ate some cultivated (farmed) ones. Prior to that, my family often dug mussels at low tide, carefully extracting their gleaming blueish-black shells from the sand. 372 more words

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