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mussels encroaching
non-native wishes submerge
tender sanity


I'm Not Moving - Go Around Me.

This wee mussel stood his ground against the very edge of the tide, creating a lovely still life.


No place to go, so they might as well pose for my camera.

Mussels & Kimchi

This dish is a complete culinary bastard. Nothing Chinese about it and not really Korean or Italian. Meh… Kimchi is as common as the pickle these days and people like me are going to experiment with it in very strange and sometimes delicious ways. 47 more words



Nature imitating painting at its finest.

Die Zwitscher Maschine by Paul Klee, 1922

Beautiful Remains...

…of a once living organism.
Purple mussel shell.
Cell phone photo.  3/22/14

Cell Phone Pic