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A Salad Primer

Rewinding back to Thanksgiving!

This post came about as a direct result of the “Anyhooo…” blog post on our family feast.  Via photos, I highlighted each of the plates of the four members of the Mottl family, and soon after, my aunt Jan texted me that she noted the only common denominator on ALL FOUR plates was… 1,364 more words


50 Foods In Taipei You Need To Eat...Or At Least Try


Bet you didn’t know, Taiwan is a traveling foodie’s culinary paradise!

When you’re preparing for a trip, it’s easy to expect the type of food you’re about to devour when heading to countries such as: France, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Thailand or even the U.S. 2,495 more words


Laos' Must-Eat!

Expect sandwiches, waffles, burgers, pancakes along the way in Vang Vieng, but if you are careful enough, you’ll soon find small stalls just behind those noisy street. 460 more words


Turkey Day Feast!

Whether camped with the traditional feasters, the vegetarian feasters, the gluten-free feasters or the PALEO-ISH feasters, you’re covered at the McDonough-Mottl-Baltzer family gathering!

What-the-hey on me being remiss with the photo ops?? 746 more words


Part 2: Belly-Friendly Foods

The best belly in all the land belongs to Mikko Salo, previous CF Games competitor and Meg’s all-time fave CrossFitter.


When preparing to write this post, my mind went from belly-friendly foods… to friendly bellies… to best bellies… to rockin’ bellies and I landed on thinking about this oldie-but-a-goodie pic of my imaginary boyfriend, Mikko. 510 more words


13 Superfoods In Prague You Need To Try


On the way over, you’re already prepared to drink lots of Pivo (beer). And you’re spot on since Prague is globally known as the bohemian land of Pilsner. 734 more words


30 Must Eat Food in Seoul

1. Budae JjigaeBudae jjigae otherwise commonly known as army stew is a kind of thick korean stew flavored using gochujang (their local spicy red pepper sauce) filled with truck loads of ingredients like sausage, egg, tofu, vegetables that are in season, leek, baked beans, maggie mee, beancurd skin. 1,694 more words