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Shonda Rhimes is the queen of "OMG-TV"

Back in the “Must See TV” days, Thursday nights were king. Friends, Cheers, Seinfeld, and of course The Cosby Show, are just a few of the shows that became legends on that fated night, when the whole world would stop everything – just to crowd around their television sets. 639 more words


Sweater Weather: Thinking through the Fall TV Season

Consuming: Jeopardy! is back! My aunt and uncle came to town and took us to Bar Boulud, which has been on our list for ages. 1,372 more words

Previously on ER: Part 3

Happy day three of ER’s 20th anniversary premiere week! Today I a present a carefully selected Top 20* list of ER’s 331 episodes.

SEASON 1… 948 more words



It has been 20 years since Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey and Phoebe came into our lives.

20 years!

I was still in high school. The Internet wasn’t really “a thing” yet. 74 more words


Fall TV: 2014

Every September since middle school, I take great joy in hashing out my fall television watch schedule. Times have changed, technology has evolved, but despite the television set in my living room along with access to the likes of Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go, I’m still a network girl at heart. 364 more words


Haircuts, couches & mild dysfunction: Why "Must See TV" must always be comfy.

Pablum or gold? Both.

The most watched show on broadcast TV is The Big Bang Theory. A few weeks ago each of its primary cast inked deals worth a million dollars per episode. 686 more words

From A to Z Pilot Review

By Zach Beehler 

Each fall we are bombarded by seemingly hundreds of new television shows. Some of them stick, fewer are great, and most of them suck. 695 more words

Zach Beehler