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Game of Thrones - #GameofThrones #GOT


Goodbye, Joffrey – you inbred piece of shit. There was no one in KL that deserved such a painful, pathetic death. I’m betting your wife is thanking the Gods she doesn’t have to go through that whole bedding ceremony. 69 more words

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The Dragons Daughter

I’m a huge fan of melodysheep videos, but I must admit that I hadn’t seen this one until I saw it at the end of Poietes’ … 41 more words


An Empty Deck of House of Cards

That moment when you’ve finished watching the second season of House of Cards and you’re like…”but what will I do with my life NOW?!”

The riveting show that DARES to keep your attention on the subject of politics…leaving you salivating on the edge of your laptop every single, solitary, titillating second. 212 more words

Pacquiao-Bradley Prediction

The first fight between these two great welterweights was a highly forgettable fight that produced a controversy that will forever be debated among boxing fans.   It was June 2012 when for 12 rounds Manny Pacquiao seemed to dominate the ultra talented Timothy Bradley.   1,777 more words


Sunday, April 6th Recap #GameofThrones #Turn # Resurrection #Believe #Revenge

Apologies to readers for the lateness of this update – I am in the middle of packing for a move across country, had to finish training my work replacement, and to boot, I need a new computer but can’t decide what to get. 890 more words

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"Milk of the puppy" #GameofThrones #GoT

The first time I heard this, that’s what I thought was said.   Character(s) and scene please!  Extra credit for the CORRECT phrase.  :)

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