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Sticky Notes That Look Like A Mondrian

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Why hang a Mondrian on your wall when you can put it on your desk? God bless Piet Mondrian.

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Respectful Animal Trophies

“Respectful Animal Trophy” is a series designed by Antoine Tes-Ted for Hu2 Design. The works is a tribute to the brute and elegant strength that Nature offers us. 24 more words


Golden Candles Blocks

New York-based Apparatus Studio has imagined the candlesticks in deep bronze “Candle Blocks”. Each block can be assembled and has been carved to echo the triangular form of an Egyptian pyramid, creating this way sculptures that can be used as a pure decorations, bookends or paperweights.

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Cubical Facade of Sugamo Shinkin Bank

French artist Emmanuelle Moureaux has once again rethought the facade of the Sugamo Shinkin bank, located in Tokyo. She wanted to play on reliefs, cubical forms and colors by making a joyful appearance highlighted by green plants and a rhythmic composition. 15 more words


Hot Toys' Iron Man Hulkbuster Could Be the Greatest Action Figure Ever

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Once you accept the harsh truth that adding Hot Toys’ upcoming Iron Man Hulkbuster to your collection probably means there won’t be any money for your kids to go to college, it becomes easier to get excited about owning what is probably the most detailed figure ever created.

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Gridded Furniture in Matching Room

In the occasion of Design Miami 2014, Patrick Parrish gallery in collaboration with RO/LU has presented a surprising gridded interior design featuring black gridded furniture. The models there were also dressed with matching outfit, for a more impressive result. 10 more words


Armstrong Light Trap

Russian designer Maxim Ali and Constantin Bolimond have created “Armstrong”, a little spheric and interactive lamp inspired from the Moon mission. Its interactivity lies in the light control that it’s possible to regulate thanks to removable circular corks. 7 more words